Not in East Java, in New Zealand, it turns out that there is a village called Ngawi!


The area called Ngawi does not only exist in East Java. New Zealand has one too! This is the peaceful atmosphere in the area…

If Ngawi Regency, East Java is known as Bamboo City or Tempe Chip City, then Ngawi in New Zealand is different. Ngawi area in New Zealand is a fishing village.

The New Zealand version of Ngawi is read as ‘Na-wi’. Reported from NZHistory, Ngawi is a word from the Maori language, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. The word Ngawi means ‘the native tussock grass’ in English or bunches of grass in Indonesian.

Then quoted from the page Wairarapa, Ngawi in New Zealand also has other uniqueness. Ngawi New Zealand has more tractors per head of population than anywhere else in the world. These tractors are used to haul fishing boats in and out of the incredible ocean waves of the Cook Strait.

Wellington, New Zealand - January 13, 2016: Fishing Boats at Ngawi, Wellington, New ZealandRows of fishing boats and their towing tractors in Ngawi, New Zealand. Photo: Getty Images/MollyNZ

In the 1980s, this small village became a center for crayfish processing. However, now Ngawi has become a vacation and resting place for local tourists.

This fishing village is a village that offers a peaceful and serene life away from urban civilization. Although it is located not so far from civilization, only 5 kilometers from Cape Palliser, the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island. This village is very far from the hustle and bustle of public life.

Reported from Adelaide Now, in this village there are no pubs, no shops, only steep rock cliffs with beaches covered in tractors or bulldozers. However, it is precisely these points that make it a favorite destination for local residents to relax.

Here, tourists can see the baby seals with their colony directly. Because, their natural habitat in this area is still very well preserved.

If you don’t feel disturbed, this colony of seals will casually lie down and bask among the rocks on the beach. Meanwhile their baby seals played happily.

Although the coastal area in Ngawi is filled with tractors carrying fishing boats. But this tractor is no ordinary tractor. Most tractors in this area are painted in bright colors and named after cute names like Tinky Winky, Babe, and Kermit.

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