Not only Indonesia, these 3 countries also have a tradition of rain charmers


The rain handler profession is again a byword after the Mandalika MotoGP last weekend. However, similar traditions also exist in these 3 countries.

The name of the rain handler, Ms. Rara, became a byword after stopping the rain at the Grand Mandalika MotoGP. There are those who praise it, but there are also those who insult it and consider it idolatrous.

Apart from that, in fact the rain handler is part of a culture that has existed for a long time in the archipelago. Only not exclusive to Indonesia, other countries also have a similar culture.

Collected detikTravel from various sources, Monday (21/3/2022), here are three countries that have a tradition of rain charmers:

1. Pedi Rituals in South Africa

In South Africa, the repellents and rain summoners there are from the Pedi Tribe. The rain charmer is called “Moroka”.

The tradition of rain charmers in South Africa is carried out by giving money or offerings to Moroka in order to choose the clouds that produce rain. The bigger the offering, the better the results.

The things that Moroka usually uses to summon rain are magic horns placed in caves, beer and corn.

The ritual procession is where virgin girls and boys with their elders beat sticks to the ground while shouting “also, too, too” or ‘rain, rain, rain’ several times.

Meanwhile, to resist the rain, the Pedi tribe used to use cow’s forehead skin. However, later changed to cow forehead leather shoes. The object will be carried by the old woman throughout the ceremony.

When the ceremony is over, the woman can remove the shoes from her back. The residents said that as soon as the shoes were removed, it would start to rain.

2. Teru Teru Bozu from Japan

Teru-teru bozu from Japan Photo: Wikipedia

In Japan, there is a teru teru bozu which functions like a rain charmer. This little doll is made of paper or white cloth tied with string and then hung on the window.

Hanging a teru teru bozu doll is believed to summon sunny weather the next day. “Teru teru” itself means shining “Bozu” is a Buddhist monk.

Teru teru bozu is said to have originated in China during the Heian period. Legend has it, that teru teru bozu was originally a girl carrying a broom that was believed to sweep away the clouds for saving the city from the raging storm.

Teru teru bozu can also summon rain. Simply by hanging the doll upside down, it is said that rain can fall.

3. Lemongrass and Virgin Girls in Thailand

The rain charmer ritual in Thailand is no less unique. Namely by sticking a lemon grass upside down into the ground by a virgin girl. That way, it is believed the rain will stop.

Those are some countries that have a tradition of rain charmers, some of which are developed countries. Yet the tradition is still upheld and maintained there.

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