Not Ordinary Bricks, This is As Safar Mosque in Brebes Rest Area


This mosque is very unique. From the outside it looks like a pile of bricks, behind it turns out to be an extraordinary mosque. Its name is Masjid As Safar.

This mosque is located in the Rest Area KM 260B Banjaratma on the Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road, Central Java. Just like the instagrammable rest area, the mosque is no less unique.

Rest Area KM 260B is a former sugar factory in the Dutch era. The unique building makes this rest area one of the attractions for travelers who want to rest.

This mosque is really unique because it does not have a dome like other mosques. It turns out that the design was inspired by mosques in the Middle East and the archipelago.

In Egypt and Istanbul models of brick mosques have existed since ancient times. The marriage of Indonesian culture can be seen from the use of red bricks inherited from Sunan in West Java. In Cirebon itself, buildings with red brick fences are very common.

As Safar Mosque in Rest Area KM 260B BanjaratmaAs Safar Mosque in Rest Area KM 260B Banjaratma Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Another thing that is not visible from this mosque is the minaret inside. There is a special reason why this mosque does not use minarets.

Being in an area that is prone to the wind beetle phenomenon, the tower is removed. Worried that the minaret would collapse and take the victims of the congregation who were in the mosque.

Although not like most mosques, As Safar Mosque is still beautiful. The inside of this mosque is really shady and cool.

A gentle breeze enters the prayer room through the gap of the bricks. Meanwhile, a small pond is made around the mosque. So the atmosphere is cooler.

Those of you who later want to go home from Brebes to Pemalang, can make this rest area a place to rest. Don’t forget the photos, okay?

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