Not the Netherlands, this is a colorful windmill garden in Karawang


On a 1 hectare land owned by Perum Jasa Tirta (PJT), the Marigold Garden tourist destination in Karawang features 13,000 windmills that Instagramable.

Located in Tamelang Village, Purwasari District, Karawang Regency, one of the residents, Heri Dinata, came up with a crazy idea by presenting 13,000 windmills on a former vegetable plantation.

Moment secondhand To visit, the entrance ticket is fixed at a daily rate of 15 thousand. After that, visitors are immediately treated to interesting objects, one of which offers various activities for children to play.

Not only that, Marigold Garden, which is an artificial tourist destination, will spoil selfie lovers by providing various spots Instagramable. Kang Uyung (32), Marigold Garden manager said there are many spots Instagramable which will pamper the visitors.

“There are windmill tunnel spots, barbie houses, piers, therapeutic fish spots, windmill gardens, giant windmill spots and an educational park for playing,” he said when met at the location, Saturday (2/4/2022).

Marigold Garden KarawangMarigold Garden Karawang (Yuda Febrian Silitonga/detikTravel)

He said, this artificial destination had actually been created in September 2020, but had a vegetable garden concept.

“In the past, Marigold Garden was actually a vegetable garden created by Pak Heri Dinata for tourism education in September 2020, but because of the pandemic finally the vegetable garden could not survive and then Pak Heri came up with the idea for this windmill, a total of 13,000,” he said.

From the idea of ​​a windmill, curious residents began to come to enjoy selfies among the thousands of windmills.

“So when it was converted into a windmill park, visitors started arriving and the response was good,” he said.

As for the land, Marigold Garden is on land owned by PJT with an area of ​​1 hectare.

“We have indeed utilized the land from PJT and have obtained a permit to be managed as an artificial tourist destination,” he explained.

In addition, Marigold Garden is also able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 2,000 visitors, by implementing health protocols.

“So it can accommodate up to 2,000 people and we still apply health protocols because it is the obligation of tourism managers,” he said.

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