NTT boy imitating MotoGP commentator Meets Enea Bastianini


A little boy from NTT named Rivaldy had become the subject of discussion in MotoGP. The reason is, the boy is very good at imitating the voice of the legendary MotoGP commentator Nick Harris. This ability led Valdy to have a golden opportunity to meet several MotoGP riders.

Nick Harris MotoGP commentator (MotoGP Youtube Screenshot)

Most recently, Dady, his nickname, had the opportunity to meet the Qatar MotoGP champion, Enea Bastianini and also Fabio Di Giannantonio.

“Last night I invited Dady all the way from Rote Island to come to to meet the racers @gresiniracing @bestia23 and @fabiodiggia49,” wrote Sandiaga Uno in his Instagram account.


In the middle of the meeting, Dady again showed his action imitating Nick Harris’s voice to invite admiration. Dady was seen commenting on Bastianini during the opening MotoGP race in Qatar 2022.

“You have a very good future,” Bastianini said after seeing the action.

Just a flashback, in 2018 the curly-haired boy was invited by Dorna Sport to watch the MotoGP event live in Sepang, Malaysia.

Daddy meets RossiDady meets Rossi Photo: Doc. Elys Masiweni

Dady at that time met with Marc Marquez and commented on the victory of ‘The Baby Alien’ at the Thai GP. Dady commented on Marc while acting on a parked motorbike by imitating the driver’s style when cornering.

Dady also met his idol Valentino Rossi in the Movistar Yamaha garage after the third free practice session of the 2018 Malaysian MotoGP.

“We pray that in the future Dady can achieve his dream of becoming a MotoGP presenter and commentator, guys, making Indonesia proud! I want more and more talents of young people in the area to be given the same opportunity, so that they can also grow and become human resources. qualified and become part of the economic revival and can create the widest possible employment opportunities,” Sandiaga wrote again.

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