Nyepur and Gowes Seli to Bukit Patiayam and Thrown into the Past


Just a stone’s throw, turning north from the main road section of the Pantura of Central Java between Kudus and Pati, resides in the Patiayam Hills. As if entering a time machine thrown far into the past.

This row of hills on the slopes of Mount Muria is an archaeological site with relatively intact and complete fossil findings, even when compared to the Sangiran Site in Sragen which is more slick though.

Patiayam Hill, KudusPatiayam Adventure’s old school house, Kudus (Dwi Ari Setyadi for detikcom)

The prima donna found in this area is a very large ancient elephant tusk fossil. No wonder the elephant statue became an icon at the gate of the Patiayam Archaeological Museum and the entrance to the tourist village in Hamlet Kancilan, Terban Village, Jekulo District, Kudus Regency, Central Java Province.

During the colonial period, the hilly area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis area also became an important element in the war.

“There are a lot of caves built by the Japanese army around here. We know the location because it used to be a place to play when herding buffalo,” said Karmin who met after the ancestral pilgrimage around Surau Gondhang Pandean, Sunday (27/3/2022) morning.

Unfortunately, during the reformation era, the dense forest in the hills became the target of illegal logging. Disasters are inevitable, life-threatening. Landslide hit several hills, 2004.

“About 50 families in Bukit Slumprit were relocated to a neighboring village,” said Karmin, whose family also moved.

Patiayam Hill, KudusDirections to Goa Japan Photo: Dwi Ari Setyadi for detikcom

At the end of the pandemic, Terban Village hopes to stretch again through adventure tourism titled Patiayam Adventure which has been started since 2019. The descending and uphill route along the Macadam rocky road is indeed more suitable to use an off-road car instead of a folding bicycle, hehehe…

Amazingly, this tourist activity also encourages guests to participate in planting trees as an effort to reforest the Patiayam Hills.

What’s more, the Patiayam Adventure Tour Package can now be easily ordered via pandooin.com, a site selling village-based tour packages in the archipelago.

Come on, what are you waiting for…

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