Often Provide Meals for Employees, Netizens: Is This an Office or an Inn?


a office suddenly went viral after it was revealed that it provided free dining facilities for its employees. In a day, employees can eat 3 times, plus tempting snacks.

Each company has different policies and facilities for its employees. There are those who give money for food, but there are also those who provide free food in their offices. Like an office that went viral on TikTok.

Through the TikTok account @lifeatdjubli, it is shown how the atmosphere is office in this company engaged in the automotive sector. This startup company provides free food for its employees.

Office Gives Employee Meals Photo: TikTok @lifeatdjubli

“It’s true, we get to eat 3 times a day. In the morning we like to serve rice uduk, rice cake, porridge etc. In the afternoon we get delicious food. In the afternoon we also get snacks, marrow porridge, green bean porridge, etc. confirmed by detik.com (16/3).

Also seen in this video are the rows of menus that are presented. There are vegetable lontong, uduk rice, rendang, vegetable soup, marrow porridge and various fried foods. All served on the table like a buffet. Employees can take as much food as they want.

Dozens of employees also look fun taking food on the table. They enjoy eating the food that is served.

Office Gives Employee MealsOffice Gives Employee Meals Photo: TikTok @lifeatdjubli

The video, which has been watched more than 500 thousand times, has invited netizen comments. Many do not believe in this free dining facility.

Office what is an isoman place, you get to eat 3 times a day,” said a netizen.

“I want to work as a cook, it’s okay,” said netizens who wanted to join this office.

“It’s really nice, Sis, working in an office like that, I’m really happy to see it. All employees are guaranteed. So, the work spirit is even more,” said another netizen.

Office Gives Employee MealsOffice Gives Employee Meals Photo: TikTok @lifeatdjubli

It turns out that an office like this is not the only one, many netizens also shared their experiences of getting free food from the office.

“In my husband’s place of business, thank God, our employees give us food 3 times a day but we don’t provide food. They are free to buy whatever food they want. Thank God,” said a netizen.

“Auto saves gaeees, maybe my mouth won’t stop. I’m curious what to do, I can work full like this fix it, you’re lucky if you join

“At PT Pharos, you get breakfast and maxi + fruit. If you work in a factory, you can eat dinner + milk,” explained netizens with their experiences.

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