Ojol Fares Rise, Is It More Savings Still Riding Ojeks or New Motorcycle Installments?


The fare for online motorcycle taxis (ojol) has gone up. With the increase in ojol fares, maybe some people are starting to think about changing directions using private vehicles for daily trips.

One option is to use a motorbike. Now it has been offered the convenience of owning a new motorbike, namely with a credit scheme. But is it true that using a private motorbike will be more economical? Let’s try to simulate the calculation.

The illustration is like this, take the example of a routine trip from Margonda, Depok to the detikcom editorial office located in the Mampang Prapatan area, South Jakarta. Judging from the online motorcycle taxi application as of Monday (12/9/2022), now the fare to ride an online motorcycle taxi directly from Margonda to Mampang reaches IDR 60,000 for one trip. So to go back and forth (PP) it costs around Rp. 120 thousand per day.

Another example from Ciputat to detikcom office in Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta. The fare is approximately Rp. 57 thousand for one trip. So for a round trip, it costs around Rp. 114 thousand per day to take an online motorcycle taxi directly from Ciputat to Mampang.

Usually in a month an employee to the office 21-23 days (Monday-Friday). If for one month you have to go to the office for 23 days, the cost needed to ride an online motorcycle taxi is around IDR 2,760,000 per month.

However, online motorcycle taxi fares may be cheaper if you get a discount voucher or even more expensive at certain hours.

Now we compare it with buying a new motorbike on credit or in monthly installments. An example of an automatic scooter (scooter) Honda Beat eSP CBS (the cheapest Honda automatic motorcycle). Currently, the Honda Beat costs Rp. 17,793,000. The following is a credit simulation as quoted on the Honda Cengkareng website:

Honda Beat September 2022 Credit SimulationHonda Beat September 2022 Credit Simulation Photo: Doc. Honda Cengkareng

It can be seen that the highest monthly installment of the Honda BEAT is Rp. 1,866,000 per month with a down payment of Rp. 2.3 million and a tenor of 11 months.

For example, the fuel consumption is 40-50 km/liter (fuel consumption depends on road conditions, weight, and driving style), then Rp. 10,000 is enough to buy Pertalite gasoline a day for the Depok-Mampang Prapatan distance (40 km PP) or the Ciputat-Mampang distance. Prapatan (approximately 40 km PP).

Honda BeatHonda Beat Photo: Astra Honda Motor

But again, this fuel consumption may vary according to road conditions, weight, and driving style. Maybe there are also motorists who drive too aggressively so that the gasoline is more wasteful. So, for the cost of gasoline, it costs around Rp. 230 thousand in a month (23 days to the office) if the fuel consumption is at least 40 km/liter. The total cost spent on installments and Honda Beat gasoline per month is IDR 2,096,000.

Yamaha Mio S born 2019Yamaha Mio S Photo: doc. Yamaha Indonesia

Or another option is Yamaha Mio S (the cheapest Yamaha scooter) which costs IDR 17,050,000. Based on a credit simulation quoted from the official Yamaha Indonesia website, the installment for this motorbike is Rp. 1,573,000 per month with a down payment of Rp. 1,705,000 for a 12-month tenor. Say the fuel consumption is the same at a minimum of 40 km / liter, the total cost for installments and Yamaha Mio S gasoline is IDR 1,803,000 a month.

Yamaha Mio S Credit Simulation September 2022Yamaha Mio S September 2022 Credit Simulation Photo: Yamaha Indonesia

For the record, these costs are only simulations that can vary. The credit simulation taken in this calculation is the lowest down payment with the shortest credit period. If you want lower installments, you can add a down payment or increase the credit period (tenor). For exact calculations, you can directly contact the relevant dealer.

One more thing, if you choose to pay in installments for a new motorbike, also prepare money for motorbike service (usually every 2 months) plus tax per year (paid once a year). The cost of servicing the motor cannot be ascertained because it depends on the condition of the component whether it must be replaced or not. But generally, if it’s just a light service and an oil change every 2 months or 2,000 km, the cost is around IDR 100 thousand. Service fees can be more expensive if there are components that need to be replaced.

So you choose to take an online motorcycle taxi or a new motorbike loan for a trip to the office?

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