Order Honey Fried Squid, The Result Makes These Netizens Laugh At The Same Time


Ordering food via an online application is indeed easier and more economical. But often the food that comes does not match expectations.

The experience of ordering food in online applications is indeed of various types. Starting from getting unique food introductions, to food orders that don’t come as expected to beyond description.

Approximately this experience is experienced by a Twitter user. Through the food sharing account @FoodFess2 (16/03), this anonymous Twitter user issued a complaint when ordering the fried squid menu via an online application.

“Honey-fried squid,” he wrote, complete with uploading photos of the food that managed to make netizens laugh and wince when they saw it.

In the photo, you can see a box of white rice with fried squid wrapped in crispy flour. The flour fried squid is not strange, the portion is also quite large.

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But what attracted attention was the appearance of the instant honey sachet in the squid package. This instant honey is usually used to drink directly, not for cooking ingredients. Moreover, instant honey tastes like lime.

Ordered Honey Fried Squid, The Result Makes These Netizens Laugh At The Same Time Grinning Photo: Twitter @FFess2 /Ist

In the mind of the buyer, of course, honey fried squid, means fried squid that is stir-fried with sweet and savory honey seasoning. Not squid with lime flavored instant honey dip. This tweet immediately sparked laughter and went viral on Twitter.

“This is sad food that really makes you cry. Remember the butter chicken, which is actually given whole butter,” recalls @my**.

“I once had a lot of ideas, cooking honey chicken. The honey used TJ super honey. Behhh, it doesn’t taste good puolll. Luckily I just cooked the sauce, not mixed with chicken,” vented @aug**.

“Wkwk I’ve also bought honey geprek before. The honey uses Madurasa, the taste of the chicken is so sweet,” continued @tr**.

There are also netizens who joke and see the positive side of the presence of this instant honey in the squid package.

“The seller really cares about the health of his customers. Fried squid is high in cholesterol, honey can lower bad cholesterol. But maybe later you can just request pure honey. The thing in the photo is honey ala-style,” concluded @hai**.

So far, the tweet about honey-fried squid has garnered more than 16.7 thousand likes. Retweeted 2.6 thousand times.

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