Order mineral water at a restaurant, this comedian panics when given glass bottled water


Order mineral water at restaurantThis Twitter user panicked that the price was expensive because mineral water was packaged in a glass bottle and looked luxurious.

Usually the mineral water we know is served in plastic bottles. Although there are many brands, the average price of bottled mineral water is around IDR 3,000 to IDR 10,000 depending on the size.

However, the mineral water offered in the restaurant is different. Generally, mineral water in restaurants is more expensive, as experienced by comedian Ardit Erwandha.

Through his Twitter @ArditErwandha (10/05) he uploaded his experience when ordering mineral water at a restaurant. However, he panicked when his order was delivered to his table.

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Order mineral water at the restaurantOrder mineral water at the restaurant Photo: Twitter @ArditErwandha

Because mineral water is packaged use glass bottle and looks luxurious. He guessed that the price would be much higher. Confirmed detikFood (12/05) the price is Rp. 40,000.

“Rp 40,000, guys, let’s take it home, OK, guys,” he said in a photo upload showing himself pocketing a bottle of mineral water.

His upload was also widely commented on by netizens. Many netizens have experienced the same thing where they felt panicked when they ordered mineral water at a restaurant and were served glass bottled mineral water.

“It’s really auto cold sweat if it’s like that,” wrote a netizen.

“Yes, why did he take glass bottled water, I usually drink plastic bottles,” wrote another netizen.

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Order mineral water at the restaurantOrder mineral water at the restaurant Photo: Twitter @ArditErwandha

However, a Twitter user with the account @rforragil gave tips when ordering mineral water at a restaurant. According to him, mineral water is different from drinking water.

“If you say mineral water that comes, it must be of this model. If you say ‘drinking water’, it will definitely come with ordinary bottled water,” he wrote.

Furthermore, he also explained the difference between mineral water and drinking water which is usually offered in five-star hotels and restaurants. The difference is the content and the packaging process.

“If the factory’s mineral water is directly above source the water (without going through a long pipe). “Drinking water or drinking water is channeled first using a long pipe to the factory,” he continued.

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