Out of shame, husband asks wife to pack food like in a restaurant


Embarrassed to bring lunch to the office by his wife, a man admitted to being embarrassed. He even asked his wife to pack food like in a restaurant.

Food supplies can be the best solution for students and office workers. There are many benefits when we bring our own food supplies from home.

By bringing food supplies can save. In addition, the food we prepare ourselves at home is definitely much more hygienic. However, this one man was embarrassed to bring lunch.

As told by his wife Zahra through uploads on Facebook. She wrote about her experience bringing food for her husband using packages like in a restaurant.

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Embarrassed to bring foodEmbarrassed to bring lunch Photo: Facebook

From the upload, many netizens suspected that the husband was embarrassed when he was brought food. Therefore he asked his wife to pack it like food in a restaurant.

The reason is that her husband is often teased by his co-workers for bringing food supplies. Because of that, the husband asked his wife to pack the food in a different way.

He asked for the food to be packed like restaurant, so that his co-workers don’t think that he always brings food with him.

Regarding that, Zahra said that she was not discouraged by her husband’s complaint. Luckily he had the usual food wrappers used by restaurants.

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Embarrassed to bring foodEmbarrassed to bring lunch Photo: Facebook

“I want him to still bring lunch. Even if it is wrapped in paper. As long as he brings the food I cooked,” said Zahra as quoted from mStar.

But actually, Faisal Hamzani’s husband is very be grateful because his wife always provides food supplies. According to him, the provision of food can make it more efficient.

“Now everything is expensive, so bringing money is more economical. I am grateful and grateful,” he said.

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