Overthrow Madura United, Persib Paste Tight Bali United

​​​​PERSIB Bandung beat Madura United with a narrow 3-2 victory in the match week 30 of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 which took place at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Stadium, Denpasar, Sunday (13/2)

Three goals for Persib Bandung, two of which were scored by Bruno Cantanhede and one by Zalnando. Meanwhile, Madura United got goals through Greg Nwokolo and Alberto Goncalves.

The first half, Persib immediately kicked off by launching an attack on the Madura United defense which resulted in a goal in the 16th minute through Bruno Cantanhede.

Goals created by Bruno’s header which successfully utilized Ezra Walian’s cross opened the score 1-0 for the Blue Prince’s advantage.

In the 18th minute, Persib got another chance through Beckham Putra, but his shot was still secured by Madura United goalkeeper Hong Jeong-nam.

Madura United continued to try to equalize, but could not tear the Persib goal guarded by goalkeeper Teja Paku Alam.

Even Laskar Sape Kerrab, who had to concede again in the 30th minute, by Bruno collaborated with Ezra who sent a long ball.

The second goal scored by Bruno further made Madura United two goals behind from Persib and the score was 2-0 unchanged until the first half was completed.

In the second half, Persib did not reduce the tension of the game by continuing to press Madura United and several times got good opportunities, such as Beckham’s attempt to send a long-range shot even though goalkeeper Hong was still able to save.

Madura United had threatened Maung Bandung’s goal through Bayu Gatra in the 65th minute, but Teja’s goalkeeper was still strong to be penetrated.

Finally, Madura United’s goal was torn apart again in the 74th minute through Zalnando who was able to maximize Frets Butuan’s pass, and made a landslide score of 3-0 for Persib’s advantage.

However, Madura United continued to work hard to send attacks to the Persib defense which finally resulted in a goal in the 85th minute through Greg Nwokolo who reduced the score difference to 3-1.

Two minutes later, Madura United was awarded a penalty kick after Persib player Achmad Jufriyanto committed a foul on Beto Goncalves who was then appointed as the set-piece executioner.

Beto managed to take advantage of the penalty kick opportunity by striking the round skin into the Persib goal without goalkeeper Teja being able to anticipate it, thus reducing the score difference to 3-2.

However, Madura United were unable to equalize until the match ended so Persib finally emerged victorious with a narrow score of 3-2.

With this victory, Persib as the runner-up is getting closer to Bali United at the top of the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 standings with the same 66 points. Meanwhile, Madura United is in 11th position with 35 points. (Ant/OL-8)