Paragliding at Timbis Bali, Gets Addicted!


Bali offers the main holiday packages for cultural tourism, natural charm to entertainment. But now travelers can look for a new alternative to get their adrenaline pumping, namely paragliding in Timbis in the Pandawa Beach area, Bali.

Dare to try?

“If the majority of guests here are still foreign tourists. There are still fewer domestics,” said one of the paragliding pilots, Damar Azis while talking in the air with detikTravel some time ago.

Tourists who want to try this high-altitude sport have enough courage. Helmets have been provided by the Timbis Paragliding team. Documentation has also been prepared and a memory card will be issued upon landing again. The traveler just sits in front of the pilot and will fly for approximately 15 minutes.

“Before the pandemic, there could be 100 to 200 flights a day. Now it’s starting to get crowded again. There are 50 flights a day,” said Damar Azis.

Paragliding at Timbis BaliParagliding at Timbis Bali (Photo: Andi Saputra/detikcom)

To go to Timbis Paragliding, tourists can use the map application on their smartphone. The location is not so far from Pandawa Beach. In that place, there is already a large parking lot, toilets and places to eat as well as photo spots.

What about the pilot?

The pilots at Timbis Paragliding are all internationally certified pilots. One of them is Damar Azis who is also a PON athlete from Central Java. In fact, Damar Azis just won the 9th place paragliding world champion in South Korea on Saturday (22/10) yesterday.

“I learned to fly from a young age,” said Damar Azis, who spent his childhood in Purwokerto and Yogyakarta.

Tickets can be purchased in various online buying and selling applications. Prices start per IDR 650 thousand. Or you can swipe directly to pay on the spot. The flight is carried out as long as the sun shines (noon) with a note that the weather is friendly and the wind is good.

You just have to be careful because air sports can be toxic or addictive. One of them is Duke Ari Widagdo’s advocate. At first he was a fad and addicted until now he became a pilot student. A rare hobby among lawyers who usually like big motorbikes, golf or luxury cars.

“I started trying it earlier this year and finally got hooked. Finally, I started trying seriously and signed up to become a student pilot here,” said Duke Arie Widagdo.

Paragliding at Timbis BaliParagliding at Timbis Bali (Photo: Andi Saputra/detikcom)

To become a pilot and get an international license, Duke Arie Widagdo has flown at least 40 times. This license can be used worldwide.

“Hopefully this year will be over,” said Duke Arie Widagdo.

Detiktravel experience, when flying casually even sleepy. Pandawa Beach breeze makes sleepiness hit. From above, we can see the clear and blue stretch of Pandawa Beach.

In order not to be sleepy, a traveler can order a special flight maneuver to the pilot to make it more spread, churning the stomach and making adrenaline rush. Moreover, piloting international athletes. You just have to be careful, don’t throw up because your stomach will shake, guys…

Well, dare to try a traveler?

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