Persebaya CEO Resigns After Bonek Riot

The CEO and President of Persebaya Surabaya, Azrul Ananda, has resigned from the club. The decision was announced a day after the riots carried out by supporters at the Gelora Delta Sidoardjo Stadium after Persebaya lost 1-2 to RANS Nusantara FC.

“With the situation that has happened recently, everything is my responsibility. I am the CEO, the president of the club. Not the coach and the players but the responsibility of the CEO. When asked about the evaluation, I have to evaluate myself,” Azrul said at the conference. press, Friday (16/9).

Tensions recently surfaced because Bonek was not satisfied with the negative results experienced by Persebaya at the beginning of this season. The Bajul Ijo squad, nicknamed Persebaya, until the tenth week of the BRI Liga 1 2022/2023 suffered six defeats and is currently in 14th place.

The defeat of RANS Nusantara was the third in a row for Aji Santoso’s squad. Even so, Azrul assesses that the unsatisfactory results do not need to be delegated to coaches and players.

“Therefore, I have decided to resign as CEO of Persebaya Surabaya. We will handle all responsibilities, dependencies, and burdens as best we can,” said Azrul.

Although he resigned, Azrul said he would still support the transition of new ownership. Management already has plans to finish this season’s league as well as possible.

He believes that Persebaya can still rise to the top of the league with the young players being coached and the current coach.

“I will not just leave and the transition will be prepared as well as possible. The spirit is the same, Persebaya must remain in Surabaya not going anywhere and as much as possible the stakeholders must be Surabaya people,” said Azrul, who has led Persebaya for the last five years. (OL -4)