Persebaya Keep Aji Santoso For The Next Two Seasons

MANAGEMENT Persebaya Surabaya ensures that Aji Santoso will remain as the team’s head coach for the next two seasons, including his assistant coaches.

“Coach Aji has agreed and will continue to train for the next two seasons,” said Persebaya Team Secretary Ram Surahman to reporters, Friday (1/4).

According to management, Aji Santoso is considered successful and has succeeded in meeting the target of being at the top of the final standings so there is nothing to argue about his future.

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“Who doubts his quality at Persebaya? The proof is that he was named the best coach of Liga 1 and made history, not the coach of the winning team that won it,” said Cak Ram, his nickname.

Next season, the management has also set a target for Aji Santoso to be better than this year, which is to be in the position of the Asian competition.

Aji, said Ram, was burdened with being able to score a championship while leading the team for the next two seasons.

“That means, at least third place for next season and the following season must be champion. This team has its size, and does not want to run fast but suddenly faints on the road. The target must be careful and score champions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aji Santoso is grateful to continue to be trusted to coach Persebaya, even for the next two seasons, so that his name is listed as part of the team’s history as the longest-serving coach.

The living legend of Persebaya and the Indonesian national team is ready to accept the targets imposed by the management, and immediately form a team framework to welcome next season.

“When it was announced by PSSI that the Liga 1 break would not be long, we were very enthusiastic about welcoming it. The presence of the assistant coaches last season also really helped me, so I am grateful that they are still in the team,” he said.

“The target of management is a challenge. We will try our best to be able to penetrate the Asian competition, even if we can go beyond that position,” added Aji.

During the 2021/2022 competition season, Aji Santoso brought Persebaya in fifth position in the final standings and recorded various records, both team and individual.

Representing the coaching team and players, the man who was born in Malang thanked the management who for one year had given his rights and obligations well. (Ant/OL-1)