Persib Bandung 89th Anniversary, Orphans Pray for Persib Champion

PERSIB Bandung celebrates its 89th birthday. At this moment, the supporters of the West Java community’s favorite soccer team hope that Persib can win the 2021 BRI Liga 1 title.

Support also comes from orphans to people with disabilities. They also pray that Robert Rene Alberts’ team can bring home the highest caste competition trophy in Indonesia
Indonesia as in 2014.

Located at Soccer Republic soccer field, Bandung City, Monday
(14/3) dozens of orphans and people with disabilities gathered
to follow the series of commemorations of the 89th anniversary of Persib entitled Persib
Football Festival held by PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB).

At that moment, the children together with high-ranking officials from PT PBB sang a prayer for the Blue Prince squad. Besides praying for Persib, the orphans and disabled children were also invited to practice and play soccer.

“This is a form of concern from PT PBB. Children can be happy, they enjoy and know Persib. That is the purpose of this event. Hopefully it will be useful and they will also pray for Persib
in the rest of this game. This is a gift for Persib’s birthday, if you can win in the remaining matches, you can win,” said the Commissioner of PT PBB, Umuh Muchtar.

According to Umuh, many children in West Java (West Java) know
Persib Bandung from an early age. This proves the popularity of Persib Bandung
so strong, even throughout Indonesia. The child is so born already
educated to know Persib. Even if he goes to the village, the children always know
Persib. Likewise in Asia, Persib is one of the best supporters. Bobotohnya can be tens of millions of people.

“The championship trophy will be the most beautiful gift on your 89th birthday. I, Marc Klok and his friends, can make all the citizens of West Java and West Java proud.
Persib supporters,” he said.

Birth of Persib

On the other hand, Atep Kurnia, a writer, claimed to have received information that he was born in 1934, not March 14, 1933. The chairman is Anwar Sutan Pamuntjak.

According to Atep, long before Persib was born, there were two bonds, aka football clubs
indigenous balls, namely Bandoengsche Indonesische Voetball Bond (BIVB) and
National Voetball Bond (NVB). These two clubs are said to have been born in

Efforts to fusion alias unification of these two clubs then emerged. However,
It took a long time before they finally came together. From the past, there have been several attempts to fuse or unify the two bonds of indigenous people in Bandung.

“The fusion was successful, but it didn’t last long, just
lasted about four months in 1932. Because in early September it was disbanded again,” he continued.

PSKB then split into PSIB or the Indonesian Football Association
Bandung and another one back into NVB. At that time, the chairman of PSKB who
named Sujono and other board members want PSKB to work
same as other bonds.

Because, at that time, Bandung had many bonds. In addition to the indigenous bonds, there was a Dutch bond that was quite popular at that time, the name was Bandoengsche Voetball Bond or BVB. There are also BKPO and bonds from Chinese people named CVTH.

“Based on various sources and literature, I believe that Persib was born on March 18, 1934. There is no strong evidence that Persib was born in 1933,” he said. (N-2)