Persib Threatened Without Beckham and Teja Face Persik

TWO Persib Bandung players Teja Paku Alam and Beckham Putra Nugraha may still not be able to defend their team against Persik Kediri in the 33rd week of Liga 1 match in Bali, Friday this week. Both suffered injuries and are still being monitored by the medical team.

“Tomorrow he will have another test and that means it will take another day for Teja to see if he is fully recovered,” Persib coach Robert Rene Alberts said on the club’s official website, Tuesday (22/3).

As for Beckham, Robert said that based on the results of the examination, it turned out that his injury had not yet recovered. But a few days of recovery can speed up this player’s fitness.

“We are targeting him to be ready to play again in the last game of the season where we don’t know what date we will play yet,” he explained.

The Blue Prince is also confirmed without Ardi Idrus and Henhen Herdiana because both defenders have accumulated yellow cards.

Robert had to rack his brain to cover the absence of a number of players, including lowering young players.

“We have opened up the opportunity to field young players to fill their places in the team because we have almost fielded all the players this season,” said the Dutchman.

Persib occupies the second position of the Indonesian League 1 standings with 67 points or a difference of five points from Bali United as the leader of the standings. Maung Bandung must win against Persik to pursue the title. (OL-8)