Persita Wins Derby Against Dewa United

PERSITA managed to fulfill its ambition of getting three points after winning against Dewa United FC with a score of 2-1 in the Group A match of the 2022 President’s Cup Tournament at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Central Java, Monday (20/6)

The Tangerang derby between Persita and Dewa United FC was interesting. Both teams played openly because they both wanted to win.

Persita got a golden opportunity in the 18th minute through Wildan Ramdhani, but the ball that was kicked by Wildan was pushed over by Dewa United goalkeeper Muhammad Natshir Fadhil Mahbuby.

After that Persita had more control over the match and launched many attacks. But only scored a goal in the 43rd minute through a foot kick from player Romiro Fergonzi who took advantage of an error by Dewa United defender Faris Ahmad who did not perfectly control the ball nearby.

However, Dewa United two minutes later were able to equalize to make it 1-1, after Karim Rossi, who escaped the offside trap.

Entering the second half, the first minute Persita managed to add a goal through a hard kick from outside the penalty box, which was done by Abu Rizal Maulana, thus changing the position to 2-1 for Persita.

Dewa United who missed a goal trying to reply. Coach Nil Maizar brought in Lucas Ramos to increase his team’s attack power.

Persita’s match against Dewa United remained 2-1 until the referee, who led the match, Annas Apriliadi from West Java, blew the long whistle signaling the end of the second half.

After the match, Persita Tangerang coach Angel Alfredo Vera said that his team was grateful to be able to win the match against Dewa United FC.

“We did have an error in defense so that we conceded a goal in the final minutes of the first half. This victory can be capital for the next match,” said Vera.

Meanwhile, Dewa United FC coach Nil Maizar said he was disappointed with the result of the match. He said his team’s defeat was due to a lack of focus on the defense, especially during Persita’s first goal. (OL-8)