Playing with Sarinah, don’t just hang out, try the historical tour too


As the first mall in Indonesia, Sarinah is not only a cultural heritage. However, a traveler can enjoy it by taking a tour to get to know Sarinah more closely.

Surely you often see music performances in Sarinah on social media, right? After being revitalized, Sarinah’s face has become more beautiful and contemporary. With the concept of a mall without a fence, Sarinah is a new focus for holidays in Jakarta.

Those of you who are looking for activities for the weekend in Jakarta, maybe you can try Sarinah Tour. Yes, you can go around Sarinah accompanied by a guide who will explain the ins and outs of Sarinah to you.

“The ‘Sarinah Tour’ tour package has the concept of exploring what is in Sarinah, starting from cultural heritage, then specializing in the store itself. The tour price starts from IDR 100 thousand – 350 thousand at this time,” said Rendra, the guide who accompanied

“It’s easy to register. You can go to Sarinah’s Instagram page, then there will be a guide to book a tour later. Just follow the steps,” he added.

Realme GT Neo 3 Camera Test in SarinahHistorical relief in Sarinah Photo: Fitraya Ramadhanny/detikcom

Rendra said that the tour schedule follows the mall’s opening schedule, which is 10:00 WIB – the mall is closed.

“There are also many enthusiasts, ranging from local tourists to foreign tourists. However, most of them are local tourists,” said Rendra.

The average interest of foreign tourists who take this tour is about MSME products sold in Sarinah.

“They are more interested in MSME products. What many tourists ask about are batik, statues, crafts and they like it. And they don’t really care about the price. Here there is batik which costs up to Rp. 40 million, which makes it expensive because of its history,” he explained.

Afternoon at SarinahTour in Sarinah Photo: (Syanti Mustika/detikcom)

Furthermore, Rendra revealed that Sarinah has its own charm for tourism in Jakarta.

“Sarinah has become an attraction in itself, because it is the first mall in Indonesia. We are not just a mall, but we can tour history, culture and other unique things,” he said.

Afternoon at SarinahOne of the corners of Batik products in Sarinah Photo: (Syanti Mustika/detikcom)

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