PO Bus Complains MyPertamina QR Code is Misused, This is Pertamina’s Answer


The AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial) bus operator encountered problems when his fleet wanted to fill up with diesel using the MyPertamina application. One of the problems is that the QR Code, which must be shown to the gas station attendant when filling the diesel, has already been used by another party. How did Pertamina respond?

The owner of PO Sumber Alam, Anthony Steven Hambali, said the use of the MyPertamina application to purchase subsidized Solar still encountered many loopholes. Anthony assesses that the application is immature, so a number of serious problems have been encountered.

Anthony said it was still difficult when he wanted to register for the Right Subsidy on the MyPertamina application. On the other hand, he also doubts the side safety the ‘red plate’ application.

“Because we have to register, which is a bit difficult. Then about safetyWe still have doubts about the data, yes, because it happened in my own place (PO Sumber Alam), there was a bus (us) that went to the gas station, then entered the police number, it came out that this vehicle should be Pertalite, yes that’s impossible tho, the period of the Pertalite drinking bus. So there is a data error,” said Anthony at the Busworld Southeast Asia 2022 Press Conference, in Jakarta (20/9).

The problem did not stop there, Anthony also explained that there were other parties who had used his QR Code. Then the solar ration for him will be reduced, and on the other hand it also proves that the QR Code can be misused by other parties.

“Then there is another QR Code which after being at the gas station, we used the QR Code, it turns out that the QR Code has been used elsewhere. So it can’t be detected,” he said again.

Residents show the MyPertamina application when refueling pertalite at Pertamina gas station Abdul Muis, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6/2022).  PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, will conduct a trial of purchasing subsidized fuel oil (BBM), Pertalite and Solar, on a limited basis for users who have registered on the MyPertamina system, starting July 1.  BETWEEN PHOTOS/Muhammad Adimaja/foc.Residents show the MyPertamina application when refueling pertalite at Pertamina gas station Abdul Muis, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6/2022). BETWEEN PHOTOS/Muhammad Adimaja.

Pertamina’s Response

The Corporate Secretary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Irto Ginting, advised users of the MyPertamina application to report any obstacles in the field to Pertamina. On the other hand, Pertamina is trying to curb the misuse of vehicle registration numbers.

“The purpose of the Right Subsidy that is being carried out at this time is actually so that consumers or vehicles with the right to receive subsidized fuel according to the provisions,” said Irto to detikOto via short message, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

“The use of other vehicle registration numbers is of course being sorted out, for those who feel that their vehicle registration numbers are used by others, they can report it to the Pertamina Contact Center by attaching their STNK for us to verify,” continued Irto.

It is recommended for consumers to immediately register their vehicle at subsiditepat.mypertamina.id or at the registration booth provided at 1,500 gas stations.

Regarding the misuse of the QR Code by other parties, according to Irto, it should be difficult to do, because the QR Code will be attached to the vehicle concerned.

“If you already have a QR Code, it should already be attached to the vehicle. If someone uses another vehicle’s QR Code, and later comes out with a different number on the EDC (Electronic Data Capture), they will be refused to fill subsidized fuel,” said Irto.

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