Police Steps to Prevent Congestion During Holidays


The National Police has prepared a number of strategies to prevent traffic jams on a number of toll roads and tourist attractions on tight holidays or during long holidays. Because, it is predicted that many people will deliberately take time off to enjoy long holidays.

The Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Pol. Ahmad Ramadhan said that there are at least five strategies or steps taken by the police in anticipating traffic jams on long weekends or on tight days, such as on the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

“For toll roads, if there is congestion, contraflow will still be applied, especially at KM 47 to 62,500 Jakarta-Cikampek toll road,” said Ahmad as quoted by Antara.

Furthermore, Ahmad said that the implementation of contraflow is situational considering the conditions on the ground. If the volume of vehicles on the toll road is more than 3,000 units, the police will apply traffic engineering.

Especially for areas on the Puncak route, Bogor Regency, the police will implement a one-way and odd-even system in the morning and afternoon.

Illustration of Contraflow on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll RoadIllustration of Contraflow on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Photo: Doc. Jasa Marga

“This one-way and odd-even system is also situational, in the morning for vehicles going up to Puncak, and in the afternoon for vehicles returning to Jakarta (during the big day of the ascension of Isa Almasih 2022 yesterday),” he explained.

Then, members of the National Police, especially the regional police, will deploy a number of personnel at tourist attraction locations. They are assigned to unravel the flow of traffic and perform security in the vicinity.

“The fourth step is to increase integrated patrols in crowded locations. This contingency step is carried out together with the SAR Team,” said Ahmad.

The Isa Al Masih Ascension Holiday or other tight holidays are believed to be a momentum for people to vacation in a number of tourist attractions. The Bogor Police Traffic Unit often applies odd-even on the Puncak route in order to anticipate the flow of traffic on the tourist route.

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