Positive Cases in Lampung Increase by 183 People

The Lampung Health Service (Dinkes) recorded that there were 182 positive cases of COVID-19 in the province, which were donated from 14 districts and cities.

“Yes, there are 14 regions that have contributed 182 cases of COVID-19 and only Waykanan Regency has zero daily positive patients,” said Head of the Lampung Health Service, Reihana, Thursday (17/3).

He said districts and cities that had COVID-19 cases were Bandar Lampung City with 27 patients, Metro 7, Regencies, East Lampung 38, West Lampung 13, North Lampung 10, Central Lampung 9. Then Pringsewu 12, Pesawaran 8, Tulangbawang 5, West Tulangbawang. 25, South Lampung 10, Mesuji 3, Tanggamus 10 and Pesisir Barat 5.

“With the addition of 182 positive COVID-19 patients, the total number of cases in Lampung has now reached 71,072,” he said.

Meanwhile, he continued, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 infection in Lampung also increased by nine, bringing the total number of people who died from the corona virus to 4,052.

“The nine deaths came from East Lampung 3, West Lampung 1, North Lampung 1, Central Lampung 2 and Pringsewu 2,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Kadinkes also revealed that cases of recovery from COVID-19 infection in this province also increased by 667 people.

“The total number of patients who have been declared complete isolation so far is 61,208,” he said.

He also mentioned that there were 9 areas that had turned into yellow zones for the spread of COVID-19, where previously the districts and cities were designated as orange zones.

The yellow zone areas are Bandar Lampung, Metro, South Lampung, Tanggamus, West Coast, Central Lampung, North Lampung, Waykanan and Tulang Bawang. Meanwhile, the six areas that are still in the orange zone are East Lampung, West Lampung, West Tulang Bawang, Mesuji, Pesawaran, Pringsewu.

“Although there is a decrease in COVID-19 cases in Lampung, the public must still adhere to the health protocols (prokes) because the pandemic is not over yet,” he concluded. (OL-8)