Proud but Disappointed, This Is What the Minang Community Says About ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’


The launch of the ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ project turned out to be both pros and cons. Many Minang people are proud, but disappointed because they are not involved in this international scale rendang promotion effort.

Sandiaga Uno has just launched the ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ project in Bali (24/3). The plan is to build a rendang factory in Bulgaria capable of producing hundreds of kilograms of rendang meat to be marketed to various countries in Europe, including the Middle East.

This idea was initiated by the Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Iwan Bogananta. Of course, this is good news for the people of Indonesia because later rendang can be better known to foreign people.

Minang people say about ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ Photo: Instagram @renoandamsuri

But unfortunately some Minang people seem disappointed with this project because they are not involved in cooperating. In fact, rendang is the original culinary of the Minang people which has even become part of the tradition.

It was Reno Andam Suri, a Minang culinary practitioner as well as the author of the book ‘The Story of Rendang’ who expressed the disappointment of the Minang community. Through her Instagram upload, the woman who is familiarly called Uni Reno revealed what was in her heart.

“This morning I received a DM (Direct Message) about the launch of Rendang Goes to Europe in Bali. This afternoon when it started to calm down, I saw how this event hurt the hearts of my friends from the Minang Perrendang community. The MSMEs who are also fighting for the size of Rendang. there is news of a rendang factory in Bulgaria.

The swimmers unions vented “What can we do, but does it have to be launched in Bali too?” Not blaming the Balinese, there is no intention at all. But questioning the owner of the launching event, is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin for rendang invisible or not remembering at all,” explained Uni Reno.

He also mentioned that for the Minang people, rendang is not just food, but also part of tradition. Several questions were asked about the plan to build a rendang factory in Bulgaria.

Minang Community Says About 'Rendang Goes to Europe'Minang people say about ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ Photo: Instagram @renoandamsuri

“Where is the position of the Minangkabau rendang? Is there a great story about the Minang rendang being presented? Is it embarrassing to make the launch in the area where rendang was born? Less prestigious? Less exciting? The Minang rendang community is not fun to work with?” asked Uni Reno.

To Detikcom (26/3/2022), Uni Reno again emphasized that rendang is considered something special by the Minang people.

“My upload just wanted to ask. Where is the lack of it until the launching event was held in Bali. This rendang is too big if you want to work together. If there are people who can’t afford it, they should be guided, not abandoned,” said Uni Reno to detikcom.

Regardless of the pros and cons of this rendang factory project, Uni Reno said he was proud that rendang could be performed globally.

“I’m proud, regardless of the pros and cons of why the factory is in Bulgaria, or how the government supports itself for the Minangkabau diaspora in Europe, which has already marketed and introduced rendang, I’m happy that rendang can appear,” explained the woman who also produces authentic rendang with modern packaging ‘Rendang’ Farah’s Union.

Representing the Minang community, Uni Reno expressed his disappointment at the location of the launching of ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ which was held in Bali.

“At first I didn’t even know there was a launching event in Bali, but after a while I thought about seeing the anxiety of the Minang swimmer community who seemed to be hurt. It doesn’t feel good, it’s still the same as Indonesia, the area is not far away, but why did you make it in Bali,” continued Uni Reno.

5 Controversy of Nasi Padang and Rendang that Ever ViralPadang food illustration Photo : iStock

Uni Reno also expressed his disappointment because the rendang factory did not cooperate with the Perendang SMEs in West Sumatra.

“Why not empower the Small Medium Enterprises in West Sumatra, who are also working on production and need help with sales and promotions. Ambassador Iwan Bogananta’s steps hurt feelings.”

Because the rendang factory is not yet operational, Uni Reno hopes that in the future it can involve SMEs in West Sumatra.

“Involve MSMEs, if they are stupid, please teach them, if they are not responsive, please guide them, but don’t leave them like they are now,” concluded Uni Reno.

Sandiaga Uno this morning seemed to be heading to Padang. Through his Instagram upload, he said he wanted to convey the good news to the Minang community that rendang is ready to be exported to Europe.

“This morning I left again for Padang, West Sumatra to convey the good news that Rendang is ready to be exported to Europe. I will meet the culinary players who are there, make sure they are ready to take this opportunity so as to create more job opportunities ,” said Sandiaga Uno.

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