PSG president claims Champions League format change has paid off

Paris Saint-Germain PRESIDENT Nasser Al-Khelaifi said on Monday (5/9) that the increase in the sale of broadcasting rights for the Champions League proved that the planned change to the format of the European competition in 2024 had paid off.

“Sales of broadcasting rights for the new format in the United States have increased by 150%. Sales of broadcasting rights in England and France have also increased,” said Al-Khelaifi, who opposes the creation of the European Super League.

“I think it proves that the new format was successful before it even started,” he continued.

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From 2024, the Champions League group stage will be expanded to include 36 clubs from the usual 32. The 36 clubs will be in a group with each club playing eight games instead of being divided into eight groups of four.

It is the first major change in the Champions League in two decades and will make the first phase of the competition even more unpredictable.

“Football must develop while respecting big, medium and small clubs,” said Al-Khelaifi, who also serves as chairman of the European Club Association, which consists of nearly 250 clubs.

The expansion of the Champions League coincides with the skyrocketing broadcast rights for the competition by more than 40% from 2024.

Global deals have been agreed worth more than 150 billion euros for the three seasons until 2027, worth 5 billion euros each. (AFP/OL-1)