PSIS foreign players can’t wait to experience the support directly

PSIS Semarang foreign player Jonathan Cantilana hopes that the fans can support Laskar Mahesa Jenar directly on the field in next season’s competition.

“I hope that next season the fans can be present at the stadium. Especially if we can play at the Jatidiri (Stadium), this is very good for the team and players,” said Cantilana, quoted from the club’s official website, Wednesday (6/4).

Panzer Biru and Snex as PSIS supporters were also awaited by Cantilana on the Jatidiri Stadium field in next season’s competition.

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“I hope that next season the supporters can accompany us directly because we need support,” said the owner of the Palestinian passport.

According to Cantilana, the City of Semarang and the support from Panser Biru and Snex made it even more comfortable to live in the City of Lumpia.

Meanwhile, Cantilana’s wife, Liliana Ceron, admitted that her family was comfortable living in the city of Semarang.

“Of course I am very happy to be part of the PSIS family and very happy with the people here. And of course our daughter was also born here, so I am happy to be able to stay here for a long time,” said Ceron.

Ceron also revealed that the support from PSIS supporters was extraordinary, especially when he felt when he was in a group that was greeted by supporters after arriving from Bali some time ago.

“It’s surprising (the support of the fans here). Because in my country it’s different. Even on social media the support is also amazing here. They support all the time. Even before the pandemic, they always filled the stadium and of course I was very happy,” he said.

Cantilana is certain to remain in PSIS uniform next season because he still has a contract and is expected to work hand in hand with several new and old PSIS players to improve the team’s performance. (Ant/OL-1)