PSM Passed Relegation Thanks to Victory Over Persiraja

PSM Makassar is certain to be safe from the threat of relegation after defeating Persiraja Banda Aceh with a narrow score of 1-0 in the 33rd week of Liga 1 2021/2022 match at Kompyang Sujana Stadium, Denpasar, Friday (25/3)

The only goal of the Ramang Troops was presented by Ferdinand Sinaga, as well as his first goal in Liga 1 this season.

In the first half, Persiraja opened the first opportunity through Akhirul Wadhan with a kick from outside the penalty box, but it was still thwarted by PSM goalkeeper Syaiful Syamsuddin.

PSM responded back in the 20th minute with Yakob Sayuri’s long-range shot that almost broke into Laskar Rencong’s goal if it didn’t hit the post.

In the 40th minute, Persiraja got another chance through M Rifaldi, but the referee declared the position was “offside”.

A minute later, Juku Eja finally broke into Persiraja’s goal through Ferdinand Sinaga who succeeded in maximizing Yakob Sayuri’s accurate pass.

The goal, which Persiraja goalkeeper Aji Bayu Putra could not anticipate, made the score 1-0 for PSM’s advantage.

Until the first half ended, there were no additional goals from both teams so that while PSM was ahead with one goal without reply.

In the second half, the two teams still did not reduce their attack tension, especially Persiraja who insisted on avenging the goal, but had not been able to penetrate PSM’s defense.

Likewise, PSM continued to try to lock up the victory with one more goal, but Persiraja’s defense was also not easy to break.

However, Persiraja actually had to lose one player, namely Akhirul Wadhan after being given a red card in the minutes before the end of the match.

The match finally closed with a 1-0 PSM victory which saved Joop Gall’s squad from the shadows of relegation.

The addition of three points made PSM occupy the 12th position in the 2021/2022 Liga 1 standings with 38 points which it was no longer possible to catch up with Persipura who collected 33 points. Meanwhile, Persiraja have been relegated. (OL-8)