PSS Sleman Schedules a Trial Amid the Stagred Competition

PSS Sleman continues to schedule a test match in the midst of the stagnation of the competition as a result of the tragedy at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, which killed at least 133 people.

Since the competition was stopped, the Java Super Eagle squad, nicknamed PSS, has conducted three test matches, most recently against 757 Kepri Jaya FC at Pakembinangun Field, Sleman, Friday.

“Within a week we have provided materials in the match. Now it has been seen that there have been improvements regarding defending when the ball is in front or behind,” said PSS coach Seto Nurdiantoro, via the club’s official website, Friday.

PSS won the test match with a score of 4-2. The four goals were achieved by Mychell Chagas (two goals), and Irkham Mila and Nurdiansyah each scored one goal.

Even though Seto won, Seto would still provide an evaluation note for the team, also dubbed Laskar Sembada, especially in the second half they conceded two goals from the opposing team.

“What about when we lose the ball then we attack and defend. This is still an evaluation for the PSS team, even though the title is a test match with a League 3 club,” said Seto.

Seto saw more errors in individual players that had to be corrected from the performance shown during the test match, such as wrong passes.

“More on individual player mistakes, starting with a wrong pass as one example. This possibility is the impact of our previous portion of providing more physical training,” he said.

In the third test match, Jihad Ayoub and his colleagues, according to Seto, have shown progress that still needs to be improved.

The first was against Raga Putra Menoreh (RPM), which is a local DIY club with a final score of 4-0 on Friday (7/10), while the second match was against Bantul United with a score of one goal without reply on Friday (14/10).

“The players have been seen playing as a team, although not as perfect as we want, but we hope that these progress can be more. So, this can be an evaluation for players in the second round later,” he said.

“The current line of coaches is focusing on improving the individual players. Hopefully, in the second round there will be no evaluation. Whatever it is back to the players, individually there is no improvement, professionally there is an evaluation,” concluded Seto. (Ant/OL-12)