PSSI chairman agrees to accelerate KLB for the sake of rolling competition

PSSI CHAIRMAN Mochamad Iriawan revealed his reason for being willing to speed up the holding of the Extraordinary Congress (KLB). The man who is familiarly called Iwan Bule said, with the cessation of competition, of course, it would greatly affect the fate of about 1600 players, coaches and people who depended on their lives for matches in stadiums.

“I just want the competition to run. With the competition stopped, the dignity of football will be lost,” said Iriawan in his statement, Monday (31/10).

Iriawan dismissed the accusations by a number of parties who had considered him to have run away from responsibility for the Kanjuruhan tragedy which had claimed hundreds of lives. He emphasized that nothing crossed his mind to be indifferent to witnessing the tragedy of Kanjuruhan.

“Please note that I was immediately in Malang after the Kanjuruhan incident. I was there for eight days to meet the families of the victims. I did all of that as a form of my responsibility as the general chairman of PSSI. So I have no intention of abdicating my responsibility,” he said.

Iriawan welcomes a mechanism to accelerate the outbreak. He said the decision was the result of consultation with the PSSI Excos.

“We agreed to propose to FIFA to speed up the congress and KLB to respond to TGIPF recommendations with the aim that football competitions in Indonesia can be allowed to be held again. In addition, we did it because of requests from our members who have votes (voters).”

He hopes that the acceleration of the KLB process can also be accommodated by FIFA, which is the parent organization of PSSI. “Today, the plan is to send an expedited KLB letter to FIFA. So let’s wait and be patient. I also hope that our football grief will end soon and the competition can resume,” he said. (OL-13)

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