PSSI has no plans to use VAR because it is too expensive

The All-Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) has no plans to use video assistant referees or better known as VAR in the Indonesian League next season because of the expensive equipment costs.

The chairman of the PSSI Refereeing Committee, Ahmad Riyadh in Surabaya, Thursday (17/3), said that for the Indonesian League title no one had used VAR because the budget for the tool was still under discussion.

“Not yet (for next season). VAR is still budgeting. One field, VAR can be Rp. 80 billion,” he said.

Instead, PSSI uses an additional assistant referee who is assigned near the goal of each team that is competing.

They are equipped with sticks and bracelets that are connected to the center referee to annul or correct an incorrect decision.

Riyadh said this additional assistant referee has now been implemented in the remaining League 1 matches this season.

“League 3, there are no additional referees, there are only additional referees in League 1, while waiting for VAR, two referees are added, starting yesterday on the 9th (March), the match has used four assistant referees,” said Riyadh.

Meanwhile, to anticipate the practice of match-fixing by the football mafia, Riyadh prefers the coaching route to referees and league-participating clubs.

According to the man who is also a lawyer, without a cheating club there can be no cheating referee.

“So it’s a symbiotic mutualism. Everything is interrelated. So we have to eradicate all of this,” he said.

“This referee in Indonesia has the highest honorarium compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. So there is no reason to lack money anymore,” he added.

Previously, Ahmad Riyadh, who is also the chairman of the PSSI East Java Provincial Association (Asprov) challenged the suspect of match-fixing and bribery for the East Java 3 Zone League, Bambang Suryo, to reveal other names involved in the case.

“In fact, we from PSSI are really waiting for it to be opened. If we eradicate it at the end, it will be a loss,” he concluded. (OL-8)