Putin Intends to Indonesia, 7 Tons of ‘Walking Fortress’ Taken?


Russian President, Vladimir Putin is rumored to be attending the G20 Summit which will be held in Bali in November 2022. As an important person, Putin used to use his official car for international events. Will Putin’s ‘walking fortress’ be brought to Indonesia?

Putin’s official car is known to be a local Russian brand, the Aurus Senate. Putin has been using the car since May 2018.

Aurus Senate even often accompanies Putin on the international agenda. At the G20 Summit, for example, Putin was twice seen in the Aurus Senate in Argentina (2018) and Japan (2019).

Naturally, because the Senate Aurus is like a ‘walking fortress’ for Putin. Chief Executive Franz Hilgert told The National, the car for Vladimir Putin, weighing up to seven tons and a length of nearly 7 meters, has a secret feature.

Some features of the ‘mobile fortress’ to protect Putin include being able to withstand explosions, gunfire, and chemical gas attacks. The Aurus Senate is also equipped with advanced communications, which makes it an in-car command center.

Vladimir Putin’s new official car Sputnik/Alexei Filippov/Pool via REUTERS Photo: Sputnik/Alexei Filippov/Pool via REUTERS

In addition, the glass from the Aurus car is also thickened up to 6 cm. The Senate Aurus is lined with armor and sits on Kevlar tires to keep it running when shot.

The news of Putin’s presence was announced by the Russian Ambassador in Jakarta, Lyudmila Georgievna Vorobieva, last Wednesday (23/3/2022). Vorobieva said Russia would continue to support the Indonesian Presidency at this year’s G20.

“Not only the G20, many organizations are trying to expel Russia. The Western reaction is completely disproportionate,” ambassador Vorobieva told a press conference on Wednesday quoted by Reuters (23/3/2022).

Talking about the G20 Summit VIP special car, it has actually been announced. Hyundai Motor Group has appointed the Genesis G80 electric car as the official VIP car for high-ranking officials from the countries participating in the 2022 G20 Bali Summit.

Genesis is a global luxury automotive brand from the Hyundai Motor Group that sets the bar high in terms of performance, design, safety and innovation.

Genesis G80 listrik electric carGenesis G80 electric car Photo: Ridwan Arifin

In terms of specifications, the G80 as the official VIP vehicle for the G20 Bali Summit has different dimensions. This car previously had a length of 5005 mm, but became longer at 5,222 mm.

Other models also prepared for the delegates of the G20 Summit are the Hyundai Ioniq and the Hyundai Kona. A total of 42 units.

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