Quartararo Frustrated His Points Almost Overtook Pecco, Ready To Go To Australia


Yamaha racer from France, Fabio Quartararo admitted his frustration ahead of the Australian MotoGP which took place on Sunday (16/10/2022). Because, in addition to failing to reach the front row in the qualifying session, Quartararo’s position at the top of the standings is also in danger of being evicted by Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia.

Currently, Quartararo with 219 points is only two points away from Bagnaia in second place. If at the Australian MotoGP later Bagnaia finishes better than Quartararo, then the top of the standings will be taken over immediately. While the race only leaves two more series, namely Malaysia and Valencia.

“What can we do when our points (in the standings) are only two points apart (from competitors)? Give our best. I am satisfied with the qualification but I am frustrated with the position I have achieved,” Quartararo said after the qualifying session, quoted from GPOne.

Despite feeling frustrated, Quartararo didn’t want to give up so easily. Because, according to him, although Bagnaia has always performed brilliantly, that doesn’t mean he can’t beat her. He promised to go all out in the rest of the series, including in Australia.

“There are indeed many defeats, but there are many ways to grow. So, what can we do when our points are only 2 points away from competitors? We have to perform better and fight as hard as we can,” he said.

PHILLIP ISLAND, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 15: Fabio Quartararo of France and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP during qualifying for the MotoGP of Australia at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on October 15, 2022 in Phillip Island, Australia.  (Photo by Steve Christo - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)Quartararo frustrated ahead of the Australian MotoGP. Photo: Corbis via Getty Images/Steve Christo – Corbis

According to Quartararo, starting from fifth position in the Australian MotoGP is not satisfactory. Moreover, his toughest competitor, Bagnaia will start the race from the front row in third position. He hopes that, during the race later, the tires used can be more friendly.

The racer nicknamed El Diablo believes that the race will be tight and difficult. Now the goal is only one: to win to widen the distance from Bagnaia.

“I think there are some riders who will appear strong (in the Australian MotoGP). Pecco is fast, but I am too!,” he said.

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