Quartararo Motorcycle Use Stegosaurus Tail in MotoGP Test, What’s Its Function?


There is something unique and different about motorbikes Fabio Quartararo during the Valencia MotoGP test, Spain, Tuesday (8/11/2022). In the tail of the Yamaha M1 there is an additional component called the Stegosaurus tail. What do you do?

According to detikOto from various sources, the stegosaurus tail has a function like a winglet attached to the front of the motorcycle. The existence of these devices is intended to provide additional pressure (down force) when the motor is speeding.

So, when the motor is running at maximum speed, the added pressure keeps the wheels treading perfectly, aka not lifting. These conditions make the stability of the rider on the track is more awake.

Fabio Quartararo during a MotoGP test session in Valencia, Spain.The tail of a stegosaurus on the back of Fabio Quartararo’s motorbike during the MotoGP test session in Valencia, Spain. Photo: Instagram GP Racing.

Meanwhile, when asked about his experience using the stegosaurus tail in the Valencia MotoGP test, Quartararo admitted that he didn’t really feel the difference. Moreover, the application of these components is still limited to testing. So, there is no exact data yet.

“The winglets on the back feel like an interesting new thing. But to be honest, it’s hard to say this (component) makes things better or worse. However, I feel pretty good when I use them,” said Quartararo after the Valencia MotoGP test, quoted from The -Race, Wednesday (9/11/2022).

In addition to using a stegosaurus tail, the Quartararo motorbike also looks equipped with a new aero fairing that at first glance resembles that of Ducati and KTM.

Fabio Quartararo during a MotoGP test session in Valencia, Spain.Fabio Quartararo during a MotoGP test session in Valencia, Spain. Photo: Instagram GP Racing.

It is known, since last season, several teams in MotoGP are indeed welcome to develop new winglet forms. The designs themselves are diverse and have their own uniqueness.

Before Yamaha, Ducati and Honda first displayed the stegosaurus winglet in MotoGP last season. Meanwhile, other competitors, namely Suzuki, used the ‘rabbit ears’ winglet at the 2022 Japanese MotoGP. Although they are different, their functions are practically the same.

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