Really Liked! This is what BI said after tasting Pempek Submarine


BI or Hanbin recently shocked fans for making a video with Afgan. This Korean singer also tasted Palembang’s signature pempek.

Korean singer named BI or Hanbin, formerly known as an idol in the boy group iKON. Due to a case that happened to him, BI chose to leave the group and is now pursuing a solo career.

There are many BI fans in Indonesia. He had created a scene when he appeared on an Instagram live broadcast with Afgan. BI also greeted his fans through the YouTube video Mantul House (4/4).

In the video, BI accompanied by Park Kyungri and Han Yoora as event guides. BI was asked to taste Palembang’s signature pempek for the first time.

Han Yoora prepared two types of pempek that BI would try. There were submarine pempek and lenjer, complete with cucumber slices and cuko sauce.

BI Tastes Pempek, It Turns Out To Be Really LikeBI Tastes Pempek, Turns Out to Be Really Liked Photo: YouTube Boosts Korea

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Yoora also explained that this Palembang specialty is similar to eomuk which is a Korean fish cake. “Indonesian food that I prepared to make BI is pempek,” said Han Yoora.

“Pempek is an Indonesian-style fried eomuk. It’s an egg-filled eomuk,” he continued.

“It looks a bit like mandu (Korean dumplings) huh?” said BI

BI Tastes Pempek, It Turns Out To Be Really LikeBI Tastes Pempek, Turns Out to Be Really Liked Photo: YouTube Boosts Korea

After explaining about pempek, Yoora fried it to serve. This is because pempek is most delicious when it is hot.

When the pempek lenjer was ripe, BI and the two YouTube MCs of Mantul Korea tasted it immediately. They soak the pempek in cuko sauce along with pieces of cucumber. BI tasted it and he seemed to enjoy pempek.

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“There’s also a jwipo (dried squid) taste,” said BI

BI also seemed to enjoy pempek submarines. The egg filling inside is quite large and very delicious when combined with cuko sauce. BIs favor both pempek

“The taste is different. Pempek lenjer has a more fishy taste. For submarine pempek, there is a fried egg taste,” explained BI.

This video of BI tasting Palembang’s signature pempek has captured the attention of fans. So far, it has been watched more than 145 thousand times.

“Ah, I’m proud as a Palembang person,” commented netizen.

“It’s nice to see BI eat well,” said another netizen.

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