Recommended Beautiful Resorts Near Susi Air Airport in Pangandaran


Travelers who vacation to Pangandaran, can try recommendations for beautiful resorts that are located very close to Susi Air airport. What does it look like?

Pangandaran has always been known for its beaches which have beautiful natural wealth. From the first, this beach tourist spot has always made tourists interested in vacationing there.

One of the recommendations for a beautiful resort for a vacation in Pangandaran is The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid. This is the first place to stay in Pangandaran with a feel like in Bali, thus making tourists feel comfortable and calm while on vacation at The Allure Villas.

Muhamad Kamal Setiawan, General Manager of The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid said that, this beautiful resort is the first Villatel in Pangandaran which is the most complete and most comfortable for guests to visit, or stay.

“During the first 3 months of operation, The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid showed that enthusiastic visitors felt a new sensation that complemented their needs and comfort while on vacation to Pangandaran,” said Kamal in his statement, Thursday (8/9/2022).

The Allure Villas in PangandaranThe Allure Villas in Pangandaran Photo: (The Allure Villas)

“The presence of The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid is a top priority destination for tourists staying in Pangandaran and also as one of the favorite places to taste Indonesian specialties such as Sahid Pindang Gunung, Soto Pangandaran, and Sahid Iga Garang Asem,” continued Kamal.

The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid has 68 villas with 134 rooms that guests can use to spend the night in Pangandaran. There are various facilities that guests can enjoy at this resort such as a large swimming pool for children and adults separately, there is also a playground for children to feel at home playing next to the children’s swimming pool.

There are also packages for camping and BBQ for more intimate events with the family. Then there is also massage SPA, rent electric motorcycles and scooters. There is also a buggy as a guest transfer facility from the lobby to the villa.

Other facilities also include free bicycle borrowing. If guests want to relax to the beach, there is a free shuttle car delivery that will take you to the west coast and east coast of Pangandaran.

The Allure Villas in PangandaranThe Allure Villas in Pangandaran Photo: (The Allure Villas)

As for the activities that can be done for guests to feel more comfortable playing at The Allure Villas, namely every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is an activity for children ‘Kids Activity’. Travelers who invite children to play ball in the children’s swimming pool or playground, can also play with a water gun together.

This activity will certainly make guests feel happy and comfortable accompanied by friendly resort employees. There are many more activities that make guests feel at home at The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid.

Don’t forget to capture the moment of staying at The Allure Villas Managed by Sahid with beautiful views which is always referred to as the Bali of Pangandaran.

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