Regarding JIS rental, Persija is sure to get a discount from the DKI Provincial Government

PERSIJA Jakarta stated that there was no problem with the expensive rental price of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). Macan Kemayoran is ready to pay for it on the condition that it makes a commensurate profit.

Until now, it is not known with certainty the JIS rental rate. However, news circulated that every team that wanted to use the place had to spend Rp800 million. This nominal does not include security and other costs related to the match. It is estimated that in one game the money spent is around Rp. 1 billion.

“We are prepared to pay dearly if it is mutually beneficial. It’s also okay for us to pay Rp. 1 billion as long as Persija is also profitable,” said Persija President Mohamad Prapanca.

The plan is for Persija to make JIS a home for Liga 1 2022/2023. The venue has the most up-to-date facilities and can accommodate more spectators than the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK).

SUGBK can be attended directly by 77,193 people. Meanwhile, JIS has a capacity of 82 thousand, which means it can accommodate more than 4,807 spectators.

In addition, Prapanca believes that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) will provide a special price for Persija. Given that, from the start, the club from the capital city had been a top priority for using JIS.

“The bottom line is that both Persija and JIS must be mutually beneficial so as not to damage the relationship between us, JIS and The Jakmania,” he said.

Now Persija is waiting for verification from PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) to use JIS as a home for Liga 1 2022/23. The Thomas Doll squad had already sent a letter to the competition operator some time ago. “No answer yet [LIB]maybe the holiday will be cut short, but later when we have an answer, we will inform our friends,” he said. (Goal/OL-15)