Revealed, This is the Price of a Bugatti Chiron Front Body Frame Set that Takes Away!


Buying an expensive supercar must pay attention to a number of important aspects, especially in terms of car body care. Just imagine, if the front of the Bugatti Chiron is crushed, the price of a new set of front body frames for the new Bugatti Chiron can reach Rp 5 billion.

Reported by Carscoops, the price for a set of Bugatti Chiron front body frames was revealed after one of the OEM spare part sellers sold the component on an online site. On the page, the seller displays the front of the Bugatti Chiron in one piece.

This component includes the front fender that is interconnected with the front bumper, hood, and the bottom of the bumper. The seller explained that the front frame of the luxury supercar was made of carbon fiber and not painted. This is deliberately done so that the buyer can match the color with his car.

On the front frame of the supercar there is also a Bugatti emblem. Just below the famous brand’s logo is a sticker indicating the production date. It is stated that the front frame of the supercar was made in Austria, in September 2020.

Even though it’s only a pair of front body panel frames, the price makes you shake your head. Because the seller marketed the Bugatti Chiron panel for US$ 400,000 or equivalent to Rp 5.8 billion! With this price, the owner can just buy a new supercar unit such as the Ferrari 296 GTB, McLaren Artura, to the Lamborghini Huracan.

However, it’s only natural that a Bugatti Chiron front frame can be sold for up to billions of rupiah. Apart from being a component of a luxury supercar, this front frame is an important component for the Bugatti Chiron.

Bugatti Chiron bodies are sold for shocking prices.Bugatti Chiron bodies are sold for shocking prices. Photo: Pool (carscoops)

Fortunately, these parts are also compatible with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ model which was produced in 300 units. In addition, the front body frame can also be installed on the Chiron Super Sport, which is similar but more luxurious, which was launched a year later.

In addition to the front frame of the car, there are a number of other OEM parts from the Bugatti Chiron whose prices range from hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. For example, the right front fender is US$ 100,000 (Rp 1.4 billion), the front hood is US$ 50,000 (Rp 725 million), the bottom of the bumper including the grill is sold for US$ 79,000 (Rp 1.1 billion), and the rear diffuser is US$ 50. thousand (Rp 725 million).

So, for those of you who collect Bugatti supercars in your garage, this component can be an option to buy online.

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