Ronaldo Confirms Still Strong and Productive

Portugal national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo dismissed the notion that he was nearing the end of his career.

“I was asked the same questions. The person who will decide my future is me, no one else,” Ronaldo told a news conference ahead of the playoff final against North Macedonia in Porto for a place in the 2022 World Cup finals.

“If I feel like I want to keep playing, then I’ll keep playing. If I don’t feel like playing, then I won’t play. I decide, period,” continued the 37-year-old footballer, as reported by the ESPN website, Monday (28/28/2020). 3)

Euro 2016 champions Portugal have always qualified in the last five World Cup finals. While the first major tournament for North Macedonia is Euro 2020.

When asked if the World Cup would be the same without him, Ronaldo replied: “There is no World Cup without Portugal, it’s not about individuals here, we are a team.”

“Tomorrow is the final and we are ready. The favourite? I’ve always considered myself favourite, whether it’s home or away.”

“We already know if we win we’re going to the World Cup, if we lose we’re out. We bear the responsibility to be positive and win this game.”

“The pressure will always be there. I feel fine, as usual. Another day I’m ready.”

Portugal’s 3-1 win over Turkey on Thursday last week will face the side who surprisingly beat Italy 1-0 in Palermo.

“They have surprised (many opponents) in various matches but I am sure tomorrow they will not surprise us,” Ronaldo said of North Macedonia. “Portugal will get better and we will go into the World Cup.”

Portugal coach Fernando Santos agrees with Ronaldo.

“We know (North) Macedonia well and we have to fight it properly,” he said. “This may be their life-and-death game, but for us too, and it’s a matter of how we have to respond, with dedication, determination, intensity, spirit of sacrifice and determination.”

“We have to win, win, win. We count on the unconditional support of the 11 million people of Portugal,” he concluded. (OL-8)