Rows of Hyundai Cars That Make Wuling ‘Evicted’


There is an interesting note on car sales in Indonesia for the period of February 2022. Sales of the South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, began to push into the top 10 best-selling car brands in Indonesia.

Hyundai began to crawl into the top 10 positions. Photo: Ari Saputra

Hyundai, which usually occupies a place outside the top 10, is now starting to crawl to the top. Hyundai was even able to displace Wuling’s position from ninth place. As a result, Wuling had to settle for tenth place.

Since deciding to establish a factory in the Deltamas area, Cikarang, as well as expanding its after-sales network, Hyundai has indeed looked aggressive. There are quite a number of new cars launched in Indonesia. Starting from two pure electric cars in the form of Ioniq Electric, and Kona Electric. Following after that was the Hyundai Palisade, Hyundai Santa Fe, Staria, and not to mention Creta.

Creta is Hyundai’s first SUV that was born in Indonesia. There are several adjustments made by Hyundai on the Creta so that it seems ‘really Indonesian’. Hyundai is also confident that Creta can dominate in the Low SUV segment.

In wholesale distribution data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), Creta’s sales do appear to have increased. Previously the distribution of Creta only 956 units and in February increased to 2,000 units.

It is clear that Creta is the biggest contributor to Hyundai’s sales in the country. Of the total wholesales distribution of 2,400 units, 2,000 of them are Creta.

Hyundai CretaHyundai Creta Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

Another Hyundai is different from Wuling. Wuling, which is famous for its affordable price tag and advanced features, in 2021 will also enliven the Indonesian automotive market by presenting the Almaz RS SUV.

The SUV is equipped with a variety of advanced features at a fairly pocket-friendly price. On the other hand, Wuling also provides PPnBM subsidies for a number of its models. Wuling also launched Formo S at a price of Rp. 150 million.

detikOto with the detikTravel and detikFood teams on a road trip from to Bali and back to for more than 3,000 km.  How tough?Wuling Almaz RS. Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

Of course, these results are not final. Hyundai still has a long time to prove that its products are quality. Wuling is also the same, there is still time to boost sales by presenting a variety of superior products in the country.

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