School Vacation to Majalengka, There’s a Beautiful Flower Garden Waiting


School holidays have arrived, Majalengka Regency is one of the interesting cities to visit. For example, tourist attraction Bee Park Flower Park.

The park, which is located at the foot of Mount Ciremai or precisely in Argalingga Village, Argapura District, offers interesting facilities that can be enjoyed to fill vacation time with family.

The distance from the city center to this attraction only takes about 30 minutes. The cool air and the view of hundreds of types of flowers make it different from other tourist sites in Majalengka.

“There are about 101 types of flowers planted here, such as roses, orchids, miana, marigolds to widows perforated here,” said Agitha Fortina, one of the managers of Bee Park Flower Park.

Bee Park Flower Park, Majalengka.Bee Park Flower Park, Majalengka. Photo: Erick Disy Darmawan

In addition to presenting a beautiful view, the park which is claimed to be the first flower garden in Majalengka can also be used as a camping place as well. If you want to camp, visitors are required to rent a tent here, otherwise a fine will be imposed.

“Here you can use camping as well. The cost is Rp. 300 thousand to 1 million. It depends on the size of the tent. Oh, yes, you are not allowed to bring tents from outside, you will be subject to cash (fines). The fine is Rp. 150 thousand per tent,” he said.

In this six-hectare park, visitors can also pick and taste strawberries from the tree directly. However, there is an additional fee if you want to enjoy strawberries.

“There is also a strawberry garden on the edge. Yes, visitors can eat directly from the tree. But there is another fee if you want strawberries, Rp. 100 thousand per kilo,” he said.

Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to this tourist attraction only takes out the contents of the wallet about Rp. 20 thousand per person and for children it is only Rp. 10 per person.

“Here it is open from 09.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB,” said Agitha.


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