Shameless! These 5 Restaurant Customers Escape Without Paying For Food


Shameless and inflicting losses, some of the disgraceful actions of customers in the restaurant made applause. This row of guests blurry without paying for the food.

Before carrying out an activity, of course, there is a plan that must be determined. One of them is when you want to eat at a restaurant, prospective customers must have determined what orders will be ordered later and how much it will cost to prepare later.

But some of the guests who came to the restaurant did the exact opposite. Without the preparation of sufficient funds, they are engrossed in enjoying and ordering a lot of food.

Of course, the end of his arrival to a restaurant and this place to eat ended up disappointing the owner. All the food that is a lot even to the point of being expensive is left unpaid.

Here are 5 stories of restaurant customers who ran away without paying for their food:

Really bad!  This Couple Runs Without Paying After Eating Wagyu Rp. 2.8 MillionThis Couple Runs Without Paying After Eating Wagyu Rp. 2.8 Million Photo: Asiaone

1. Couple Runs Off After Eating Wagyu

Dating at a simple restaurant, this couple came together and immediately ordered some of the food they wanted. Coming to a restaurant called Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ, this couple ordered food in the form of wagyu meat, hot tea, soft drinks, rice wine, and several other foods.

But after all the food was finished the two did not come to the cashier to pay. Starting with the man, the couple left one by one secretly from the restaurant without paying for food.

The incident was reported to have caused a loss to restaurant owners of up to Rp. 28 million. After being tracked through CCTV footage, the two still refused to pay until they were threatened and only agreed to pay half of the food bill.

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2. This family ran away after eating Rp. 2.1 million

The restaurant is also a good place to eat with family. In one of the pubs in Doncaster, England, one day there was a visitor who brought the whole family along with their four children to eat together.

The visitor ordered food in the form of two servings of grilled meat and beer peroni. After the calculations, the cost of food spent with his family reached Rp 2.1 million.

But instead of paying the bill for the food that he and his entire family had already finished, they fled without fear of CCTV cameras lurking. The pub owner can even clearly see the physical characteristics and vehicles used by his guests and warn other restaurants to be careful if they find similar guests.

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