Shhh, Secret! Toyota Already Has 5 Electric Kijang Innova Units, 2 Sent to Thailand


Surprisingly, Toyota showed an electric Kijang Innova (BEV) at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2022. Suddenly this news became shocking news for automotive lovers and the automotive industry, because so far Toyota seems to be just cool to see some manufacturers playing in the market. electric car segment.

Even more surprising is that Toyota has sent 2 prototype units of the Kijang Innova BEV or electric Innova to Thailand. So why did Toyota send the electric Innova to Thailand?

Apparently not only showing and introducing the Electric Innova to the general public, Toyota has also secretly sent an electric Innova prototype unit to Thailand for testing.

“Currently we have made 5 prototype units of the Toyota Innova BEV. But there are 2 units that were sent to Thailand,” said Director of TMMIN, Bob Azam when meeting with the media crew.

Toyota Kijang Innova Electric appears at IIMS 2022Toyota Kijang Innova Electric appears at IIMS 2022 Photo: Agung Pambudhy

Bob explained the reason why Toyota Indonesia sent 2 prototype electric Innova units to Thailand, because currently Thailand is one of the countries that is ready to operate electric vehicles and Toyota Thailand already has a technical center.

“Because there is a technical center there. The development process is almost 2 years. In Indonesia it has not been tested, it is still a study and is still being studied first. By showing this variant, it is expected to just install the battery,” said Bob.

Bob also said that as part of the national automotive industry, since 2009 Toyota Indonesia has introduced electrification vehicle technology to the public through the Toyota Prius Hybrid.

In order to support the Indonesian Government’s target of achieving the carbon neutrality target, Bob continued. Toyota Indonesia has provided electrification technology with complete variants through a multi-pathway concept ranging from flexy-engine, FCEV, BEV, PHEV, HEV, hydrogen, biofuel, to LCGC. This technology option is prepared so that the community can contribute in each segment, together reducing emissions in Indonesia according to their portion.

The presence of the Toyota Kijang Innova EV Concept electric car stirred the IIMS Hybrid 2022. It is known, the electric car is still a prototype, not yet mass-produced.The presence of the Toyota Kijang Innova EV Concept electric car stirred the IIMS Hybrid 2022. It is known, the electric car is still a prototype, not yet mass-produced. Photo: Agung Pambudhy

Toyota Indonesia has introduced 10 electric vehicle models, consisting of 8 HEV vehicles, 1 PHEV vehicle, and 1 Lexus BEV for the Indonesian public. Toyota Indonesia is also developing local electrification vehicles in the country, one of which is preparing the production of HEV vehicles for the domestic market to global consumers.

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