Short Date with New Honda Vario 125: Similar Machine, Richer Features


Launching New Honda Vario 125 beyond expectations, because PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) still maintains the design and performance of the previous generation engine, which has been proven to be powerful but still economical. How’s the driving impression?

Even so, the curiosity to try out the latest scooter with a population that has reached 7 million units remains unstoppable. Because Honda made a few changes to the legs, which are now using the base of the Vario 150, and the tire size is wider than the previous version.

On the other hand, PT AHM also improvised to reduce vibration in the CVT area of ​​the New Honda Vario 125.

“If there is a change to reduce vibration, it’s like the design of the outer plate is changed. The changes are there,” said Technical Service Division PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Endro Sutarno on the sidelines of the test ride.

PT AHM also gave journalists to try out this 125 cc scooter directly at the AHM Safety Riding and Training Center, Jalan Edelweis, Central Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java, Monday (26/9/2022).

The first impression when I see the New Honda Vario 125 is still sporty. However, some areas have been slightly touched, such as the V-Shape of the headlights, front cover, side wings to the stern of the rear body, which are made more aggressive. Any changes that can be seen occur in the mirror design which is more integrated with the overall body design.

While the area of ​​the legs also received a revision, the wheels are now similar to the Vario 150 wheels. Furthermore, the wheels are wrapped in wider tires, namely 90/80 front and 100/80 rear. Refreshments were also made to the braking system with Wavy Disc Brake, where previously the Vario 125 used solid disc brakes.

New Honda Vario 125 . Riding Position

The riding position of the Vario 125 is still the same as the previous version. Handlebars that bend inward and low make it easier for hands to reach the steering wheel. The handlebars of this model also make it easier for the rider to maneuver through obstacles in the test area.

Test ride New Honda Vario 125New Honda Vario 125 test ride Photo: Hafizh Gemilang

Furthermore, the sitting position of the New Honda Vario 125 for the rider’s height of 168 cm and weight of 81 kg is still fairly comfortable. The knee is not stuck with the storage area or compartment.

But the characteristics of the Vario 125, especially in the storage area or compartment, still feels close to the knee. Even so, when I tried it, it was still safe, the deck area with a foot size of 43 also fits, there are still leftovers or not full. The seats are fairly soft, but the wide seating area makes the rider unable to tread perfectly.

New Honda Vario 125 . engine

Honda did not change the engine at all for the Vario 125. The mechanical heart remains with a capacity of 125 cc which can spit out a peak torque of 10.8 Nm at 5,000 rpm and a maximum power of 11.1 PS at 8,500 rpm.

Indeed, about this engine Honda has not turned away, even though the 125 cc 4 valve engine is already available in the Southeast Asian market. Because according to Honda’s claim, 125 cc 2 valve is still suitable for the character of the Indonesian people. Besides being claimed to be quite powerful, the most important thing is fuel consumption, based on internal testing, the Honda Vario 125 can penetrate 51.7 kilometers per liter with the WLTC Euro 3 method and the ISS feature is activated.

The performance of the engine when tested is also not reduced, even though it uses wider tires but the power distribution is considered quite capable for low to medium rounds. Gas pull tends to be linear, aka not jerky. Through the characteristics of the power produced by the New Honda Vario 125, it is still fitting to split the traffic jam.

Agility New Honda Vario 125

Interestingly, now the New Honda Vario 125 has carried wider tires. Through the installation of this new wheel, it is also felt to increase the confidence to do maneuvers.

Problem suspension, Honda Vario 125 still uses telescopic front suspension. While at the rear using a single suspension. The character of the rear suspension tends to be rather medium, not too hard and not very soft when used for riding alone. The test path provided is also less accommodating for testing bumpy or uneven roads.

Well, the New Honda Vario 125 still maintains its agility. Although the weight is now 112 kg, up 1 kg from the previous version.

Enhanced accommodation and features

Interestingly, the New Honda Vario 125 has adopted a keyless system. This feature was first installed on the Vario 125. But it is only available on the CBS-ISS and CBS-ISS SP types.

For accommodation, the New Vario 125 still has 18 liters of luggage. The large storage space certainly makes it easier for users to carry things, even a full face helmet can enter!

New Honda Vario 125 Launches From IDR 22 MillionUSB Port Charge Type Vario 125 Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang/detikOto

Furthermore, the New Honda Vario 125 is equipped with a USB Type A Charger Port. Its location is to the left of the storage. No need to worry when it rains, because the cover is available.

The features that are maintained are the idling stop system (ISS), which functions to save fuel when the motor stops. Brake lock, to help the motor stop the road uphill. Then the side stand switch, one of the safety features that prevents the motor from being active when the side stand drops.


Although there is no change from the engine sector, the New Honda Vario 125 is refined through a variety of mobility support features. The sporty design and agility of the New Honda Vario 125 are still strong.