Similar Faces and Slightly Different Prices, Choose Avanza or Xenia?


The Toyota Avanza car line in Indonesia was born at the PT Astra Daihatsu Motor factory. Yes, for those who don’t know Avanza was born together with his twin Daihatsu Xenia. With a slightly different price, you should choose Avanza or Xenia, right?

Even though it comes from one factory, there are still differences between the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia, although not significant. For example on the front grille. The front grille of the Avanza has a horizontal form, while the Xenia has a hexagonal shape.

Difference between Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia

Even so with the features it carries, maybe the difference in the naming of the embedded technology. For example, in the Xenia the radar-based feature is called Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) while in the Avanza it is called Toyota Safety Sense. In the ASA, there are Pre-Collision Warning, Pre-Collision Braking, Pedal Misoperation Control, Front Departure Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Departure Prevention.

Daihatsu All New Xenia 2021 launches at GGIAS 2021Daihatsu All New Xenia. Photo: Daihatsu

While the TSS on the Avanza also contains the same features as the ASA on the Xenia. Other features are not much different. As an illustration, the highest type of Xenia is the 1.5 R CVT ASA SC equipped with Steering Switch, Start/Stop Engine, Key Free System, Digital AC, Hill Start Assist, to Vehicle Stability Control.

Then the highest type Avanza also has two airbags, Rear Parking Sensor, Alarm + Immobilizer, Hill Start Assist, and Vehicle Stability Control.

Both Avanza and Xenia both offer engine options 1.3 coded 1NR-VE and 1.5 coded 2NR-VE. The 1.3 L engine is capable of spitting out power equivalent to 98 PS at 6,000 rpm and 12.4 kgm of torque at 4,200 rpm. Then for the 1.5 L engine, on paper it has a power of 106 PS at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 14 kg.m at 4,200 rpm.

Even though they are produced simultaneously and have similar features, in fact the selling price of the Toyota Avanza is still higher than the Xenia. Citing the Toyota Astra Motor page, the cheapest Avanza is sold from Rp. 233.1 million to the highest in the 1.5 G CVT TSS variant of Rp. 295.8 million. While Xenia, the cheapest is priced at IDR 216.9 million to the most expensive IDR 274.1 million.

The following is a complete list of prices for Avanza and Xenia as of October 2022:

Daihatsu Xenia Price

  • Xenia 1.3 M MT: IDR 216,900,000
  • Xenia 1.3 X MT: IDR 220,100,000
  • Xenia 1.3 R MT: IDR 231.100.000
  • Xenia 1.3 R MT SC: Rp 232.600.000
  • Xenia 1.3 X CVT: Rp 237,500,000
  • Xenia 1.3 R MT ADS: IDR 240,200,000
  • Xenia 1.3 R MT SC ADS: Rp 241.700.000
  • Xenia 1.3 R CVT: IDR 248,600,000
  • Xenia 1.5 R MT: IDR 248.300.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R MT SC: Rp 249,800,000
  • Xenia 1.3 R CVT SC: Rp 250,100,000
  • Xenia 1.5 R MT ADS: IDR 257.300.000
  • Xenia 1.3 R CVT ADS: IDR 257,600,000
  • Xenia 1.5 R MT SC ADS: Rp 258.800.00
  • Xenia 1.3 R CVT: IDR 259.100.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT: Rp 262.700.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT SC: Rp 264.200.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT ADS: Rp 271.800.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT ASA: Rp 272,600,000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT SC ADS: Rp 273.300.000
  • Xenia 1.5 R CVT ASA SC: Rp 274.100.000

Toyota Avanza Price

  • Avanza 1.3 EM/T: Rp 233.100.000
  • Avanza 1.3 E CVT: IDR 247,800,000
  • Avanza 1.5 GM/T: IDR 255,100,000
  • Avanza 1.5 G CVT: IDR 269,800,000
  • Avanza 1.5 G CVT TSS: Rp 295.800.000

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