Sinjai Nine Island Tradition, No Male Residents during the Fishing Season


Pulau Sembilan, Sinjai, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) has a unique tradition, namely that there are no adult male residents on the island during the fishing season. This condition can last 5-6 months.

This is because the residents of Pulau Sembilan have a livelihood as fishermen. Every fishing season all adult men will go to sea without exception.

“There is a tradition of residents here, all men migrate every April. They all go to find fish on the islands of Java, NTB, NTT, Maluku, and some also go to Irian,” said Head of Buhung Pitue Village, Arifuddin when met by detikSulsel Wednesday (26/26/2020). 10/2022).

The new fishermen will return every September or October. There are more than 100 fishing boats on this island. However, the residents of Pulau Sembilan Sinjai did not return to the village with fish. The catch will be directly sold to Lombok or Kupang.

“They are immediately sold in Lombok, Bali, or in Kupang. Where they are anchored there also all the catches are sold. Only later will the family get married or there is a big event before they go home,” he explained.

Sinjai Nine IslandPulau Sembilan Sinjai Photo: Agung Pramono/detikSulsel

Arifuddin added that the lowest income for residents of Pulau Sembilan Sinjai after going to sea was around Rp. 10 million per person. Meanwhile, if there are many catches, the income reaches Rp. 20 million per person.

He added that young sailors usually immediately use the money for a vacation to Bali before returning from fishing. In contrast to those who have a family who will take home the sales proceeds for the family.

“If a young person goes to sea, all the results from his fishing run out. So that there are no razor buyers when he comes home, because he wears (he uses) extravagantly in Bali. Sometimes one cafe closes. his wife,” he explained.

“If they return from fishing, they will stay on the island to make rompong or fishing grounds,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the sub-district head of Pulau Sembilan, Baharuddin Jufri, added that another job on Pulau Sembilan is seaweed farming.

“Once they harvest the seaweed, they can get 1.5 tons at a price of Rp. 10 thousand per kg. That’s the price of dry seaweed,” he said.

Baharuddin said that the seaweed farm workers were given a worker’s wage of Rp. 4,000 per meter. They work full time in one day.

“The length of the work is 20 meters per person. So the daily wages are Rp. 80 thousand per person. Some have 8 workers, some have 6 workers. But what is empowered is all the neighbors here. ,” he explained.

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