Smoked Pork Specialist! This TikToker Cooks Head to Pork Intestines


Showcasing how to cook in a rustic style, TikToker has a unique menu. All parts of the body pig it is smoked and cooked until it is delicious.

Apart from mukbang, a lot of cooking content is also in demand by netizens on social media. Cooking tips, reviews of special cooking utensils, to traditional cooking methods that are unique and look unique are also liked.

The content creators also have their own way of packaging their cooking content to be different and able to attract a lot of viewers’ attention. Some content creators also feature a natural and relaxing rural setting.

One of them is on the TikTok account @masimustris which shows how to cook traditional in a simple kitchen typical of houses in the countryside. The menu that is served is also quite unique because it uses all parts of the pork body that are smoked first.

Here are 5 traditional smoked pork preparations that went viral on TikTok @masimustris:

Smoked Pork Specialist!  This TikToker Cooks Head to Pork IntestinesLooks like a sausage, this TikToker cooks pork intestines 3 meters long. Photo: TikTok/masimustris

1. Pork Intestine

At first glance it looks like sausage, but this preparation is made entirely of pork and pork intestines. Its elongated shape is made of cleaned pork intestines and stuffed with seasoned minced pork.

Through the smoking process, the pork intestine is cooked until it turns brown in color. The pork intestines are also left hanging to make them drier in texture before being cooked in a second stage with spices to serve.

Not only do they make small batches, this TikToker even makes traditional pork sausages up to 3 meters long. This pork sausage stuffing is so dense that it has attracted the attention of netizens and has been watched more than 60 thousand times.

2. Pork Belly

The layer of pork belly fat is said to be part of the pork body which when cooked has a very delicious taste. To amplify the taste without taking away the natural delicacy of the pork belly itself, TikToker chose to process it by smoking it first.

Pork belly meat which even reaches 15 centimeters thick looks so tempting with fat on a very thick layer of skin to marbling lines or fat in between the meat. Thinly sliced, the pork belly is then cooked with a traditional yellow sauce.

Various spices have also been prepared to be a complementary dip. Looks so tempting, this smoked pork intestine cooking video has won the attention of viewers more than 85 thousand times.

Processed pig Another rustic smoke is on the next page.

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