So Favorite! These are 5 Culinary Places at Bintaro Modern Market that are Worth Trying


Bintaro Modern Market has now become one of the favorite culinary places. Here are five popular culinary delights known for their enjoyment.

Like other contemporary hangout places, Bintaro Modern Market is now one of the hangout destinations for young people in the Bintaro area and its surroundings. Complete and delicious culinary options can be found just by stopping in one area.

From snacks to heavy meals, everything can be enjoyed at Bintaro Modern Market. Not infrequently also some traditional foods are successfully served in contemporary versions and become high demand.

The place, which is designed to be more modern and contemporary, makes many visitors feel comfortable coming here. Especially when it starts to enter the weekend, culinary at Bintaro Modern Market it will be crowded with customers. There are at least five culinary delights that should not be missed if you come here.

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Here are 5 culinary hits at the popular and delicious Bintaro Modern Market:

Combining tengkleng and konro, this TengKro Fusion Grill is worth a try if you come to Bintaro Modern Market. Photo: Instagram/special

1. TengKro Fusion Grill

Combining two types of dishes into one, TengKro Fusion Grill successfully serves a unique combination of tengkleng and konro. Using various types of beef and mutton, many customers acknowledge the tenderness of the meat here which makes it very delicious.

The portion offered is also quite a lot so that it can be eaten by two people. Not only TengKro or tengkleng konro preparations, here there is also maranggi satay which is much sought after by customers.

The price of food here is priced starting from Rp. 45 thousand for maranggi satay and Rp. 55 thousand for the TengKro menu which is its mainstay. Open from 10.00 to 21.00 the comfortable place makes Tengkro Fusion Grill suitable to be visited with family.

2. TteoknTalk

For lovers of South Korean food or who are curious about mouth-watering dishes in Korean dramas, you can come here. TteoknTalk serves a wide selection of South Korean specialties that have been adapted to Indonesian tastes.

There are menus such as rapokki, bokkeumbap, jajangmyeon to tteokbokki which are their mainstay menus. Located on the 2nd floor of the Bintaro Modern Market, customers who come here are usually filled with young people who like to eat South Korean specialties.

The price of the food menu, which starts from Rp. 15 thousand, makes many customers don’t get bored to keep coming back here. Designed so contemporary, at night there are Instagramable spots that are suitable for taking pictures.

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