So relieved! Staycation in a Hotel the Size of an Apartment, Perfect for Families


Hotels in general have a limited size, but this one hotel offers very spacious rooms! From 40 to more than 100 square meters.

Although comfortable and full of facilities, usually hotel rooms have a size that tends to be limited. Especially for rooms filled with more than one bed.

However, this does not apply at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada. This modern concept hotel, located in the center of Glodok’s bustle, has hundreds of rooms with many different types.

“So for Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, the concept itself is more modern. Now for the facilities themselves, our hotel is equipped with 442 rooms, ranging from standard rooms to two bedroom suites,” said Public Relations & Marketing Communications. Manager of Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada Ria Ayu Ningtyas.

Complete facilities at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada.One of the room types at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada. Photo: Rafida Fauzia/detikcom

In addition to having various types of rooms, the room sizes at this hotel are also very spacious. The lowest type of room in this hotel has an area of ​​40 square meters.

“For our standard rooms, starting from 40 square meters, so they are really very spacious,” said Ria Ayu.

The higher the room type, the larger the room area. Even the highest type of room in this hotel has an area of ​​​​up to 130 square meters.

Room prices at this hotel are priced starting from Rp. 800 thousand. With these rates, this hotel is fairly affordable for its class. As a 4+ star hotel, this hotel offers more spacious rooms and facilities than other hotels in its class.

With a wider room size, Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada is perfect for a family staycation. Rooms with standard and premium types, the two lowest types in this hotel alone can freely accommodate parents and children.

If you want it to be even wider, a traveler can order a room with a type of 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom suite. With this type of suite, a traveler will get two separate areas, namely the bedroom and living room area.

Room appearance for long stay at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, Glodok, West Jakarta.Room appearance for long stay at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, Glodok, West Jakarta. Photo: Rafida Fauzia

It doesn’t stop there, if the traveler provides information about the whereabouts of the children, the hotel will provide various additional facilities for the children. Starting from bean bags, various board games, to toy tents.

In contrast to hotels in general, this hotel also provides more complete amenities. All rooms are equipped with an iron and ironing board. Even in the higher type rooms, there is a dry kitchen as well as a washing machine. Very complete, right?

Apart from being spacious and fully equipped, Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada is also very concerned about the comfort of its guests. They pay attention to the smallest details.

Special attention is given to one of the types of pillows in each room. At this hotel, they provide two types of pillows, namely soft and firm pillows.

According to the hotel, this is done so that guests can adjust the type of pillow they want to use, whether it is more comfortable with soft pillows or denser pillows.

The atmosphere of the hotel is calm and peaceful, equipped with complete facilities in the room, which is actually very supportive for adults to staycation and relax in the room. However, if the children need other activities, the hotel is also equipped with two types of swimming pools.

“In addition, our hotel is equipped with an infinity pool for adults and a pool for children,” said Ria Ayu.

This pool area is on the 8th floor and faces west. If the weather is favorable, from this swimming pool a traveler can watch the sunset directly in the western part of Jakarta.

View of the swimming pool at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, Glodok, West Jakarta.View of the swimming pool at Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, Glodok, West Jakarta. Photo: Rafida Fauzia

Not only the completeness and comfort of the rooms and supporting facilities, one of the things that should not be forgotten during a staycation is the stomach. At Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada, there are three dining areas. Lounge area, cafe and restaurant, and pool bar.

“And we have three dining outlets, there is the Duta Cafe & Restaurant, including the Duta Lounge, and there is also a Pool Bar. In addition, for health, we have a fitness center in our hotel area,” Ria Ayu added.

But if you want to find other variations of food, a traveler need not worry. Holiday Inn & Suites Gajah Mada is located in the same area as Citywalk mall. Just go down to the lobby, a traveler can enter the mall directly from inside the hotel.

With spacious rooms equipped with very complete indoor and outdoor facilities, this hotel is perfect for families to visit.

Especially with city views that can be obtained from all rooms, making this hotel a very comfortable and peaceful staycation location, without having to go far out of town.

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