Soge Beach, Primadona of Pacitan Pansela Path


Homecoming late south coast of Java in Pacitan, travelers will be treated to beautiful views of Soge Beach that lie along the road.

Crossing Pansela, you will be greeted by a cliff to the north that looks like a solid wall fenced off a smooth paved road. Meanwhile on the right side as far as the eye can see rolling waves with white foam on the surface. That is Soge Beach which is part of the landscape of the Indonesian Ocean.

Pasela Pacitan LinePasela Pacitan Path Photo: Pasela Pacitan Trail (Photo: Purwo Sumodiharjo/detikJatim)

Regarding public facilities, travelers need not hesitate. There are adequate facilities in this area. Starting from places of worship, security posts, to lodging. Users of private vehicles also don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. The reason is, a new gas station is ready to operate.

Along the beach area there are also quite a number of food stalls. Various foods and drinks as well as traditional snacks are available.

Soge Beach is actually only one of a series of tourist attractions in Pacitan that travelers can enjoy while passing through Jalan Lintas Selatan (JLS). Because there are still a series of other natural attractions that are a pity to miss when going home. Call it Pidakan Beach and Bakung Beach. There is also Watu Bale Beach which offers the sensation of passing the catwalk to the coral island.

The South Ring Road (JLS) is also a link between Pacitan Regency and Trenggalek Regency. This route can also connect travelers to other cities in East Java.

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