Start Operation! This is the World’s First Burger Vending Machine


A burger making machine operates in New Jersey, United States. This burger machine is claimed to be the first in the world.

Technology in the culinary world is re-created. Several machines and equipment are being invented and used in restaurants to reduce contact with customers. This time there is a vending machine that sells burgers. This machine can make and serve burgers in a modern way.

Reporting from Food NDTV (2/4) in February 2022 there is a robot that is used to deliver food to participants at the Winter Olympics. And now there is a robot that can become a reliable chef because it can make delicious food, such as burgers.

The World's First Burger Vending MachineThe World’s First Burger Vending Machine Photo: Instagram @theroboburger

The world’s first burger vending machine has just been launched in New Jersey, United States. This machine can process a warm burger with juicy tender meat in just 6 minutes.

This burger machine is called RoboBurger. RoboBurger is the world’s first plug-in burger chef in a box. This machine can cook burgers with just the press of a button.

Not only sophisticated, this burger vending machine also has a small shape so that it can be placed in a small area. To operate this machine, it is enough to connect it to a regular socket.

The RoboBurger company was founded in 2019 by Audley, Dan, and Andy. All three are people who are interested in the world of engineering, robotics, as well as lovers of delicious burgers. The burger prepared by this vending machine is priced at USD 6.99 or around IDR 100 thousand.

This robotic mechanism uses a five-step process similar to that of a restaurant, namely baking bread, baking patties, removing the selected seasonings, and putting all the ingredients together as they are about to be served. This machine is in Newport Centre, a mall in New Jersey.

It is planned that this burger making machine will be installed in many locations including airports, campus areas, offices, and several other public areas. This machine can run automatically without the help of people but even so there are still staff who are on guard to make sure this machine runs properly.

The World's First Burger Vending MachineThe World’s First Burger Vending Machine Photo: Instagram @theroboburger

“For further safety, the machine will shut down if an error occurs. For example, if the power goes out and the cooling system fails, RoboBurger will not sell any more burgers until the machine is inspected,” the USA report said.

The idea for this burger vending machine was to provide hot food with a contactless experience around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That way, you don’t have to wait for your favorite restaurant to open in the morning or look for outlets that open at midnight to get a burger.

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