Stumbled on a Drug Case, Inspector General Teddy Minahasa Resigns as Head of HDCI


Harley-Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) announces retirement Inspector General Teddy Minahasa as Chairman of HDCI. The baton of leadership will be determined in the plenary meeting of the HDCI central board.

As in the short message conveyed by the Head of Public Relations of HDCI Central Management, Glenarto, which was received by detikOto. It was noted that there were 3 points conveyed in his short message, including the resignation of Inspector General Teddy Minahasa.

1. Effective November 1, 2022, Mr. IJP Teddy Minahasa p SH, S.iK, MH has officially resigned as the General Chair of HDCI.

2. As mandated by the organization, the resignation of the General Chair requires the Central Management to immediately be able to conduct a Plenary Meeting of the Central Executive in the context of determining the Acting General Chairperson and determining the Extraordinary National Deliberation no later than 3 months after the appointment of the PLT General Chairperson.

3. The duties and authorities of the PLT General Chair are determined in the Plenary Meeting of the Central Executive.

“Thus we can convey according to the direction of the Secretary General of HDCI PP Husdi Karyono,” wrote Glenarto.

Teddy Minahasa Becomes Chairman of Harley-Davidson Club IndonesiaTeddy Minahasa Becomes Head of Harley-Davidson Club Indonesia Photo: Esti Widiyana

Previously reported, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that Inspector General Teddy was involved in a drug case. He is suspected of selling narcotics evidence.

Teddy Minahasa’s arrest occurred on the day President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) summoned all the chiefs of police and regional police throughout Indonesia to the Presidential Palace. Today Teddy was not seen with the other police chiefs gathered at the Police Science College (PTIK) in South Jakarta.

Furthermore, in the report reported on March 26, 2022, Teddy Minahasa has a total asset of Rp. 29,974,417,203. Specifically, the contents of Teddy’s garage have a value of 2,075,000,000.

Apart from owning a Harley-Davidson, Teddy seems to have a special interest in large SUVs. It can be seen from the contents of his garage, where the three cars he has are SUVs with large body sizes.

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